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Both Discs will fit on an 80 minute disc with no problem. Make sure you use disc at once when burning! Please check out the website www. Loiodice and Barney's Jive Band. Uploaded by barneysjiveband on March 23,

Jive assed monky

All mokny players in the story. Atlantic Records sniffed it out and the next thing you know, they released it too. Make sure you use disc at once when burning! Simmons Man Walking On Eggshells Can you imagine a stud like me, who used to be one of the baddest mammy-tapping gangleaders in this jive town, now trying to uphold the law in this raggedy jive-ass city? Washington Blood Brothers I know a jive-ass, no good loud mouthed nigger when I see one. Therein is Jive assed monky valuable Jive assed monky. General Discussion.

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Welcome to August, as the summer takes it final glorious laps. There is a detailed history of the label below, from some mysterious and anonymous individual. I was planning to do the hits of my youth by the Sonics and Raiders , etc. Totally great. Me and Howie thought it would be a fine month to feature some of those fine artists, so here we go. And the future. Looking in my crystal ball, September still looks cloudy. October looks plenty solid with the release of Happy Halloween by the Green Pajamas.

Or both. Who knows? The race is on. Dynamics with Jimmy Hanna — Busybody 2. Dynamics with Jimmy Hanna — Leaving Here 5. Viceroys — Get Set 7. The Nitesounds — Get Clean 9. Viceroys — That Sound Dynamics with Jimmy Hanna — J. Joe and Juma — Invitation to the Fair Dynamics with Jimmy Hanna — Tough Talk Viceroys — Dartell Stomp Dynamics with Jimmy Hanna — Spongy Viceroys — Louie Louie. A small piece of Seattle music history to some, a large piece to others, a core piece to those who were there.

If you lived in or around Seattle in the sixties, you knew the labels and the artists. If you lived elsewhere, not so much. There were moments, though— crucial moments— which made the company a player among the smaller labels of the day and put them in a position to go major.

Moments lost in time but every bit as important as those which define the history as seen today. Peter Blecha, a music historian of no small repute, captured that history in an excellent article posted in for Historylink.

But the history is only part of the story. The real story is the music and for those involved, just music, for that and the new technology was why they were all there. Ellen Ogilvy. Joe Boles. Virginia Boles.

All key players in the story. All necessary to the story. The music. Few know that Tommy and Ellen were, until Seafair-Bolo, mainly songwriters. Even the later Electro-Mart venture, major income that it was, played second fiddle to the dream— that big hit and possibly even a music publishing deal. That was what Seafair-Bolo was, a rung on a ladder to success.

Later, the label released what would become a Lewis classic, J. Bolo artists The Dynamics would also have a regional hit with the song. Jones, but few will remember that Tony himself was quite the star at the time thanks largely to the record. Getting the record beyond the Pac NW borders, though, proved difficult if not impossible. Years later, Tony reformed the band for a short time but then retired.

The Viceroys were as close to a sure thing as Bolo ever had. Dot Records, of course, jumped right in and opted it for their label before dropping the ball and allowing it to die. That Sound, released a few years later, was a last gasp as a band and the last record for Bolo.

It did well, but not as well as it should have, and the band was courted and signed with Columbia Records as The Surprise Package. Bolo brushed right up against major success with a Texan named Ray Ruff. Hearing the numbers, Tom got on the horn to the pressing plant and ordered a large number. The day before the records were to be shipped, the pressing plant declared bankruptcy and the record phased out of existence.

Today, it is a collectors item both in Texas and the Pacific North West. The Washington Huskies were having a banner year in football, going to the Rose Bowl, and sports and music fans went nuts. Tom had to call Monarch Pressing in California and beg for virtual overnight pressings. KOL , however, jumped all over it. Atlantic Records sniffed it out and the next thing you know, they released it too. According to the contract, an accounting was legally required, so Tom decided Bolo had the rights to the song until an accounting was forthcoming.

And then there was The Dynamics. Remember J. It was huge in the Pac NW. They were a backup band for Jimmy Hanna as well as a band in their own right. Afdem stayed with The Dynamics for a number of years before putting together, or maybe just joining, a band called The Springfield Rifle. To really know about Seafair-Bolo, though, you had to know the people. Bolo had plans to release Genevieve by Hanna when Don Stevenson, later of Moby Grape but who was with The Continentals at the time, brought them a recording they had made of the same track.

Northwest Underground rock Album of the Month August Good Summer Beloveds — Welcome to August, as the summer takes it final glorious laps. Stay sunny td August The Songs: 1.

Keeping the human in the music. Therein is a valuable lesson. Like this article? Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on email. Next Sept. WordPress Lightbox Plugin.

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Jive assed monky

Jive assed monky

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Top definition. Monkey Dog Cat unknown. So if you don't like it then you can go talk to my Moma. Look up Monkey Dog. Olive is a jive ass monkey dog cat. Olive trys to pretend to be a monkey dog and follows his little monkey dog all arround the neighborhood, But Olive is not a dog in fact Olive is a cat but since he thinks he is a dog and his best friend is a jive ass monkey dog, then Olive is a Jive Ass Monkey Dog Cat.

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Jive assed monky

Jive assed monky