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Nicole Cutler L. It happens and it is normal, yet no one wants to talk about the primary reason men avoid therapeutic massage. It is very common for men to get an erection during a non-sexual, therapeutic, full body massage. While an erection can be indicative of being physiologically aroused, it does not necessarily indicate the presence of emotional or sexual desire. Touch administered to any part of the body can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which can result in a partial or complete erection.

Sex arousal during theraputic massage

Sex arousal during theraputic massage

Sex arousal during theraputic massage

Sex arousal during theraputic massage

Sex arousal during theraputic massage

If not, the session should be terminated. I had a full body massage a few months ago Lonely redhead in Maryland. Ergo, clients are sexual beings. This is for your protection just in case the client decides to lodge a complaint against you. In ,assage Reproductive System, Sex arousal during theraputic massage Sympathetic reaction can cause orgasm, and a parasympathetic reaction can cause arousal. She writes, teaches, edits, gives massage, enjoys life with her husband, and acts a bit too much like a Wet and wild matures Cat Lady in Portland, Oregon. Sexual addiction: a progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts.

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Do you think my hand is going to magically start tugging on Little Tommy because you are inviting me to massage around where he hangs out? If a guy is sporting some wood and asks me to Sex arousal during theraputic massage his inner thighs or stomach, guess what? Yes, gluteal muscles butt are frequently involved in a massage, as it may relieve common ailments like back pain or sciatica, Hunter explains. It tehraputic your digestion. In point of fact it is often an involuntary response to total relaxation…he may fall asleep and be dreaming about a sexual encounter which translates into an erection. Yacht uniform your therapist is self-employed, you can always report any sexual or Sex arousal during theraputic massage misconduct to the police or the state massage board. What else can you tell us about the man in the picture simply by looking at a picture of him? Theraputoc if you are completely undressed, the therapist should place a sheet over you, covering the areas of your body that are not currently being massaged with a sheet or blanket. Your Name. Great article too. Your clicks keep us alive!

I have to admit: when a Girl Boner Radio listener wrote in about her tendency to orgasm during massages, I was a wee bit envious.

  • So far, a lot of the conversation around sexual assault and misconduct has centered on high-profile figures — primarily those in the entertainment industry and politics.
  • Massage therapy has become pretty mainstream in the U.
  • Not to mention, like all massage therapists, I put up with a seemingly endless stream of "happy ending" jokes all.

Skip to content. I'm a thirty-something man who has a happy but often stressful life. I'd like to get a massage every now and then, but I'm worried about what might happen when I'm virtually naked and being rubbed all over by another person.

In other words, I'm worried about getting an erection during a massage. It seems like there would be no way to hide it. How do I deal with this? How do masseuses deal with this when it happens? Do they expect their male clients to get aroused?

Would they think I'm perverted when I'm lying on the table and standing at attention? Erections, no matter how common, can be unpredictable, and hence, a cause of worry.

But rest assured, this topic is discussed by massage therapists in training — not because clients who get erections are viewed as perverted, but because it is a normal aspect of anatomy and physiology.

During a massage, as the body relaxes, some people may fall asleep, drool, or pass gas — all of which are completely normal physical responses to tension relief. But, like erections, these normal occurrences are stigmatized socially as embarrassing. The irony is somewhat amusing when you think about it — the goal of massage is to relax, but as your body shows signs of relaxation, you become preoccupied with how those responses may be perceived.

Many people have learned to associate erections with purely sexual arousal — but, in fact, erections occur for a variety of reasons. They can occur during sleep, when someone is angry or scared, or when someone is deeply relaxed, like during a massage. Reflexive erections, a normal physiological response to touch, relaxation, etc. Massage therapist know this and will often simply ignore an erection during a session, as long as the client is behaving appropriately.

As the client, you can discuss the topic with the massage therapist before a session, if it helps soothe your concerns. Some online discussion boards also suggest wearing bikini fit underwear as a preventative and concealing option.

One user posted that he will think of an anti-erection inducing topic, like retirement planning, if he feels one coming on. The bottom line, Stressed — try not to stress about it. You are certainly not alone in your worry. Therapeutic massage is a great option for stress relief. As such, you may want to check out the Seeking massage therapist for resources on finding a certified massage therapist. All materials on this website are copyrighted.

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That is why men have them when they are asleep. If you are going to be a nervous wreck in the nude, keep your underwear on. No, really, this happens. If that happens to the client, they can get dressed and immediately remove themselves from the situation. If you like this article, please share it! Email it to a friend! Good article, Kate!

Sex arousal during theraputic massage

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Erection during massage — What to do? | Go Ask Alice!

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In other words, erections happen. These erections, I conclude, are benign. Massage school was the first to teach me that there were two types of erections: hostile and benign. I was confident that, by the time I graduated from massage school, I would have no problems dealing with erections, hostile or otherwise. This would be no big deal. My first encounter with a hostile erection popped up a lot sooner than I expected.

It was a few weeks before I graduated, in the student massage clinic. My school was a blond brick office building with bleached linoleum floors and industrial-grade carpet in other words, not a bordello , and my student uniform was khaki pants and a green polo shirt not a mini skirt and knee-high fuck me boots. My client was in his mid-twenties, with dark hair and a cheesy mustache. Sure, he moaned and groaned a little, but, Hey, some people are expressive , I reasoned.

But when he turned over, there it was, pitching a tent under the thin white sheet. Okay, ignore it, was my tactic. I figured bringing attention to the erection was always the wrong way to go, and just massaged his shoulders. It feels so good! Then Cheesy Mustache Man tugged the sheet down around his thrashing hips and gave me a peek at the goods. There was no serious conversation, no clinical voice.

Only a week after my bungling of the hostile hard-on, I was in a class learning how to give safe, nurturing massage to survivors of sexual abuse. The subject of how to handle those pesky erections came up and can I just say how difficult it is to write on this subject without tripping over innuendo?

One classmate believed a good offense was the best defense, so she mounted a machete on her office wall. Clients are humans. Ergo, clients are sexual beings. I treasure the boundaries that keep overt sexual behavior separate from my work. It just means they had a human response to physical pleasure. Are they supposed to feel ashamed of that?

See also: massage parlor. Very few men actually get erections on my massage table — very few who want to even make it through my door. I can usually weed them out on the telephone or via email not the erections, but the guys attached to them.

Some medical condition that escaped my attention in physiology and pathology class? I answer their questions in my professional voice, which is an octave lower and less giggly than my real-life voice.

What they all have in common is that the mere thought of engaging in sex with me is horrifying. For many people a body is just something they have to lug through the world.

But how the hell are they supposed to obtain wholeness if a condition of massage is that they leave a part of their humanity — their sexual side — outside? What if massage therapists left all this rigidity and fear about erections outside, instead? Of course, the rigidity arises from a very real place. The boundaries have to be crystal clear. The fear of erections comes from a very real place, too.

The penis can be used as a weapon of violence and humiliation against women. Remember the Machete Mama, my classmate who threatened castration for the mere whisper of an erection? She had been sexually abused as a child. Sexual addiction: a progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts. About seventy-one percent of child molesters are sex addicts.

I used to have a forty-something client named Tom who saw me weekly. He was referred by a psychotherapist who treats sex addicts. All it does is create a firestorm of emptiness and shame. They want intimacy with boundaries. They want — and they get — no self-hatred. So they come back. They get a little less scared. I knew he spent many years in therapy working to overcome his destructive behaviors and his abusive childhood. He volunteered for a suicide crisis hotline and at a shelter for runaway teens.

He was getting a degree in addiction counseling. He was trying to do good. I focused on the rhythm of my hands against his hamstrings. Up and down, around and around. Muscle fibers. His body rose and fell beneath my palms. I stayed with him. I felt his body rise and fall beneath my hands. That, right there, is why all these boundaries about sex and massage are utterly critical, but also need to be malleable.

The Machete Mama had a wound so raw, so deep, that the blade on the wall was the only way to make her feel safe. Others see an exclusively female clientele. Sometimes, navigating the alternative is just too exhausting. My mind races to, What does this mean? I have turned them into a problem, where they are either this way or that. The human gray area is where I want my hands to glide. Hide and Seek by Kathryn Leehane.

The Cyclops Child by Linda Stead. Excerpts from her recently completed memoir have been published by The Rumpus, Subtropics, Summerset Review , and Nailed.

She writes, teaches, edits, gives massage, enjoys life with her husband, and acts a bit too much like a Crazy Cat Lady in Portland, Oregon. Website: www.

Sex arousal during theraputic massage

Sex arousal during theraputic massage

Sex arousal during theraputic massage