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Whiners spanked

Whiners spanked

Whiners spanked

Whiners spanked

Then she set the yardstick and brush down on her bed before calling her mom into her room. Searching link. Title 18 U. Stephanie had to repress her sexual desires that were welling up all over again while she was standing there listening to her mom. You may not put your clothes on until you are finished with everything, is that clear? It had been a rough adjustment for Stephanie this year because of the added pressures of being a junior in high school. Whiners spanked looked at her daughter and Whiners spanked a change in her demeanor right away. She vowed to start dating again. Stephanie's room Whiners spanked hardly clean and it Sex storiesd an Act of God for Stephanie to help out around the house.

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Whiners spanked

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A older teen accepts a new way of life and the importance of responsibility. On a sunny Friday in May, Jill walked into her house after a long work week. She put her things down and sat down with the mail, looking forward to a relaxing weekend. It was progress report time and she was expecting this piece of mail. Taking a deep breath she tore open the envelope and when she looked at her daughter's grades she was floored.

Jill was stunned at what she was reading. It had been a rough adjustment for Stephanie this year because of the added pressures of being a junior in high school. It had been a difficult year for both of them as they re-adjusted to this new reality. Jill had been giving her daughter some leeway but as the first semester progressed Stephanie was not only letting her grades fall she was also slacking off at home.

Stephanie's room was hardly clean and it took an Act of God for Stephanie to help out around the house. Sitting at the table staring at Stephanie's grades, Jill began to ponder what her response would be when she confronted her daughter. Jill thought for a minute and told her yes. With that decided, they hung up and within fifteen minutes Stephanie was home again gathering her stuff.

Jill went over to the couch and slumped down. It was hard raising a teenage daughter alone, especially since Stephanie had been no problem until this past summer. Jill had no frame of reference for how to deal with this new twist in their relationship. Jill got up and went to the kitchen where she poured a glass of wine and ordered takeout. She had no energy to cook and just wanted to eat dinner and then take a bath and relax.

As she hung up the phone with the delivery service an idea came to her. She thought of her good friend Rose who had older teenage daughters. Maybe Rose would know what to do. While she waited for her food to arrive, she gave Rose a call.

When Rose picked up the phone, Jill breathed a sigh of relief. After they exchanged pleasantries, Jill got up enough courage to reveal why she called. You have older teen daughters, what would you do in this situation?

The first one is to take away their electronics and ground them and the second one is," Rose paused for a few seconds before saying, "spanking them.

With that issue settled, they made plans to go out for dinner and drinks the following weekend to discuss what happened. Jill turned on the TV and ate her dinner. When she was finished she headed upstairs to her bedroom and adjoining bathroom with the wine bottle and a fresh glass. Setting the wine and glass down on the bathroom sink she drew her bubble bath and as the water filled the tub she removed her watch and earrings and then began to disrobe starting with her button up shirt and ending with her panties.

Looking in the mirror, she gazed at her naked body which she kept in shape with wise eating choices and regular exercise. She was grateful to have this evening alone so she could focus on herself before she had to deal with her errant daughter.

Grabbing her wine and copy of Prairie Fires by Caroline Fraser, Jill stepped into the tub and let the bubbly water wash over her. She started reading but her mind kept on wandering despite the fact that the book was fantastic.

Thinking about spanking her daughter, Jill made a decision that would alter her life forever. She vowed to start dating again. Not only was Jill going to live her own life, she was going to instill a sense of discipline in her daughter for the rest of the school year so Stephanie would be able to be the best version of herself and have the grades so she could apply to any college across the country.

After spending way too long in the bath, Jill cleaned herself up and rinsed off. Grabbing a towel, she rubbed it all over her body until she was dry and then she applied lotion everywhere.

With Stephanie out of the house, Jill wandered downstairs naked to get a snack and put the wine away. Making her way back to her bedroom, Jill grabbed her book and slid into bed naked. She ate her snack and quickly got out of bed to brush her teeth before going back to her book. Jill read until her eyes were tired and then she drifted off to sleep.

Tomorrow was going to be a big day. Morning came and Jill roused from her slumber. It was a. Jill climbed out of bed and carefully made up the bed before she headed into the bathroom to wash up. Pulling on a robe she went downstairs to eat breakfast.

She needed all the strength she could muster so she would do a thorough job. After she finished eating and cleaning up she looked around the kitchen and utility closet to see if anything could be used to spank Stephanie.

Then she went upstairs to shower. Looking in her closet, she decided to wear a tank top, sweats and a hoodie. She wanted to be as comfortable as possible for the task at hand. When she finished getting dressed, Jill did a once over in her bedroom and bathroom. Spying an old wood backed hairbrush in one of her bathroom drawers that she'd completely forgotten about, she took it out of the drawer and left it on the bathroom counter.

By the time she was done with those chores she took her daughter's report card and set in on her nightstand. She dashed off a note that said:. She went downstairs with the note and set it on the hallway table and went upstairs to read until Stephanie got home.

Yelling hello, she spied the note on the hall table, set her bag down, picked it up and read it. Steeling herself she crept up the stairs. Jill jumped a little when Stephanie entered the house and yelled hello.

She hoped she could go through with this. Stephanie turned the doorknob and entered the room. Jill set her book down on the bed and sat up. Stephanie stood frozen at the doorway not knowing what to do.

Stephanie padded over and sat next to her mom. Do you have any idea what I am talking about? Jill reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the progress report. Stephanie pulled the progress report out furtively and when she saw her grades her mouth fell open. I've let you get away with way too much since the summer began. Your behavior and bad grades are going to end right now. I promise I'll be good. I really will. I want you to learn how to regulate yourself and spanking you will help center you and make you think about your actions from now on.

Am I making myself clear? With trembling legs, Stephanie, who was scared out of her wits, eased off of the bed and stood before her mom. Any movement will get you extra swats, understand? Stephanie nodded and stretched her arms out. Stephanie finally relaxed and it was then that Jill began to smack away. It was hard for Jill to hurt her daughter physically but it had to be done.

Please take off your panties. Stephanie heaved and burst out crying again but Jill would not relent so to avoid a longer spanking Stephanie peeled her panties off and stood there in front of her mom naked from the waist down for the first time in years. Downstairs in the utility closet is a yardstick. I want you to go get it right now and come back in here with it. Jill nodded yes and pointed to the door. Stephanie turned around and bolted out of the room but not before her mom could swat her behind again.

Running down the stairs, Stephanie darted to the utility closet and took the yardstick off of the hook. Closing the closet door, she ran back upstairs.

Handing the yardstick to her mom she stood there waiting for the next instruction. Jill then told Stephanie to go get the hairbrush from the bathroom.

Stephanie turned and walked with a newfound sense of purpose toward the bathroom and picked up the hairbrush. Regarding it with awe she imagined it and the yardstick smacking her bottom and instead of being upset over her impending bare bottom spanking she welcomed it. Maybe it was the act of running down the stairs to get her own punishment implement that snapped her out of her resistant mood but it was still a surprising change of attitude. She walked back into the bedroom and handed the brush to her mom in a confident manner.

Jill looked at her daughter and noticed a change in her demeanor right away. It surprised her to see Stephanie stand there without tears in her eyes and without a shred of embarrassment at being half naked.

I know I deserve it and I will take whatever punishment you feel is necessary. What would you like me to do now? I am going to give you a choice.

Whiners spanked

Whiners spanked

Whiners spanked