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These consist of state law and federal statutory rules and regulations of various government agencies, including rules promulgated by the U. In addition to those sources of law, the U. State corporate law rules are derived from the laws of the state of incorporation and the organisational documents of each company. The Securities Act regulates the offer and sale of securities, primarily through a disclosure-based approach that reaches some governance topics. The Exchange Act mandates certain annual, quarterly and interim reporting of financial and other material matters in addition to proxy disclosure and other requirements concerning shareholder votes and meetings.

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Such trailers are intended to provide intermediate term shelter, functioning longer than tents which are often used for short-term shelter immediately following a disaster. FEMA trailers serve a similar function to the "earthquake shacks" erected to provide interim housing after the San Francisco earthquake. FEMA trailers were used to house thousands of people in South Florida displaced by Hurricane Andrew in August , some for as long as two and a half years. FEMA trailers are the property of the U. Government and are expected to be returned after use.

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Its cultural heart today is lively Colonia Americana, with its weekend street markets and free concerts held on broad avenues lined with palms, jacarandas and colonial mansions. From humble taco stands to high-end establishments, visitors can gorge on a broad range of traditional dishes and strange beverages that are often unique to this corner of the country. Then grab a cup of tejuino — a thick, pre-hispanic drink made from fermented corn — from a street vendor and marvel at the surrealist sculptures in the Sergio Bustamante art gallery , and the psychedelic beaded animals sold outside by the Huichol people. Visitors can hike down to the Santiago river or just enjoy the stunning landscape from the Mirador viewing platform. Alternatively, just west of the city lies the 35,hectare Bosque La Primavera, a pine, oak and cactus forest home to deer, coyotes, armadillos, bobcats and even a few elusive pumas.

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Throughout my pregnancy, I used coconut oil to help my itchy growing belly. It smelled so good and helped to hydrate my skin while avoiding stretch marks. I started to use it daily for my dry, sore nipples - it acted as a great moisturizer and not something I had to worry about cleaning off prior to nursing. After doing some research, it turns out coconut oil is good for breast milk too! Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties that sink into the bloodstream and transfer to the baby via breastmilk.

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It is the responsibility of the member to uphold financial obligations to their chapter at all times. Other responsibilities may include participation in weekly meetings, study hours, community service projects, and optional social activities. Sorority membership is a lifelong investment in sisterhood, service, scholarship, and leadership. A sorority provides academic enhancement, friendship, development of leadership skills, and the opportunity to serve the community. As a national organization, a sorority generates personal and professional growth through networking while participating in activities well beyond one's college years.

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