Ankle swollen after tattoo-Foot Tattoo Aftercare Instructions and Tips

Clear your schedule for the rest of the day after your tattoo and the following day, so you have nowhere to go and nothing pressing to do. If you can possibly have someone to drive you home, that might be advisable. Once you leave the tattoo shop, head straight home and sit back or lay down with your foot elevated as high up as you can get it. Also, apply ice as often and for as long as you can, which also helps with both pain and swelling. If you have to go to work and you have a desk job, sitting with your feet on the floor can potentially make your tattooed foot swell.

Ankle swollen after tattoo

Ankle swollen after tattoo

Ankle swollen after tattoo

Ankle swollen after tattoo

Ankle swollen after tattoo

Yes it's perfectly normal because you are permanently putting ink into your blood system. Seems its location location location! The package includes: Deep cleansing liquid soap. Do yyou Ankle swollen after tattoo its just cause its soo deep or could I have an infection? Posted October 9, I was tattooed by an artist Ankle swollen after tattoo weeks ago on the inner section of my forearm, and developed scar tissue within the tattoo. Just in time for me atttoo get my knee tattooed this Sunday Unless you are signed in to a HubPages account, all personally identifiable information is anonymized.

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Soreness will atfer on location and person. No data is shared with Paypal unless you engage with this feature. Buy Now. Its bit swollen hw much time will Ankle swollen after tattoo take to reduce the swollenness of the are. So the million dollar question is have you recently had a calf tattoo, leg tattoo or foot tattoo and experienced your foot or Shabby chic kitchen cabinets swelling up after it? Sorry, I had an after thought Thank you for this article, I'm Ankle swollen after tattoo I found it. We partner with Say Media to deliver ad campaigns on our sites. Oozing is sometimes associated with healing, but it depends. Your ankle is a high action body part, so its going to Amkle hard to keep it from calming down quickly. Native American Tattoos. Hi, I got a tattoo in the area diagonal from my shoulder front, right below my collarbone about a year ago in the summer. My tattoo artist tells me I have freakish healing abilities. Very informative page!

After getting a tattoo, the area around the new ink goes through lots of changes as it begins to heal itself from the damage caused by the needles during the tattooing process.

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Your Feet and ankle swelling after you just got your leg or foot tattoo? This is in no way a reflection on the tattooist in any way! So the million dollar question is have you recently had a calf tattoo, leg tattoo or foot tattoo and experienced your foot or ankle swelling up after it? Recently I got my whole left calf and some of the front of my leg shin area tattooed all in one session. The length of the session was 7 hours. The first night was an absolute nightmare for me.

I was struggling to sleep, could not get comfortable due to the pain, I was restless and getting extremely frustrated quickly.

The skin burning pain was unbearable, you know the pain, the worse possible sunburn multiplied by a thousand, adding in razor blades and itching. Throughout this pain, I actually ended up with a mild fever due to the trauma caused to the muscle. As you may or may not be aware, cold is your friend for helping with the pain, ie cold water or ice packs.

This helps, as for getting to sleep, try some Valium if you have access to it. The next morning waking up my foot was the size of a football or watermelon. My ankle was also very swollen as you can see from the photo above. What the fuck is going on?

I slowly put pressure on my leg and foot and within about a minute the pain went away and I was able to stand and even walk. Seemed odd. This odd sensation of pain, well it continued for about days. So brace yourself. The swelling, well I kept the foot elevated, took same anti-inflammation tablets and stayed away from wearing shoes.

I am still working through getting both my legs fully done, and I have changed how I do it. That is my limit and it seems to be working. I have been using a Tattoo Balm also for the days after getting the work done and this seems to have helped, I definately know when I have missed putting it on.

Yes to get a full leg sleve done is taking considerably longer, but I am surviving without the type of pain you are experiencing now. Another thing to speed up healing with a knee tattoo can be ensuring your tattooist is using a rotary tattoo gun, the new technology on these guns means that the recovery healing time is a lot faster.

Below I have outlined some of the products that I find helpful through this process, and a couple of valuable tips, I hope this helps you guys!! Related Posts. Wanting to get a Tattoo in Thailand? Eating frogs legs in Thailand.

Javascript software libraries such as jQuery are loaded at endpoints on the googleapis. Ankle Tattoos. We may use conversion tracking pixels from advertising networks such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook in order to identify when an advertisement has successfully resulted in the desired action, such as signing up for the HubPages Service or publishing an article on the HubPages Service. Rating and following. I got a tattoo on my leg about 2 years ago.

Ankle swollen after tattoo

Ankle swollen after tattoo

Ankle swollen after tattoo

Ankle swollen after tattoo

Ankle swollen after tattoo

Ankle swollen after tattoo. Report Abuse

Here's what they might tell you that you need to do:. The infection may present at the surface of the tattoo or underneath the skin, deep within the wound. If the infection deeper, you'll experience fewer of these symptoms, except intense pain and possible swelling.

Remember that you can decrease the risk of infection by following proper aftercare for cleaning and caring for a new tattoo. Since the infection can occur deep within the wound, you want to make sure the tattoo doesn't heal on top of it. If left untreated, the infection can spread to the bones, joints, and elsewhere in the body. If you have other diseases or health concerns, you may be at an increased risk for infection, even if you do take proper care of your new tattoo. If you have diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, or an impaired immune system, you should consult a doctor immediately at the first signs of a problem since you are at greater risk for infection and complications.

Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I got my tattoo my my left leg a week ago had to go to Dr 2 days after getting the tattoo the Dr said i got cerlitius well here it is 4 days later it still sting like hell and my ankle swollen what can I do.

I got a tattoo in the area diagonal from my shoulder front, right below my collarbone about a year ago in the summer. At one point, I had tiny blisters on it. Should I be worried? Any idea what's wrong and if I can get a touch up?

I can't stand having a patchy tattoo! I have 2 tats that have been getting small irritating red bumps, these two tats were complete in the early 's never had a problem until recently. Could it be from early on set of menopause? I just don't know or understand both were done a tatoo parties would take a lot of research to find the artists. Anyway hope these bumps don't ruin them they have been a part of my life. Guess i will try some antibiotic cream any anyone going into menopause with same problem let me know?

Thank you. I got a cover up on my chest between my breasts it's my 27th and my first infection Very painful and i have been using triple antibiotic I don't think it's working no puss jus very red. It's been 5 days since I got it!!??? What to do? Any advise. I got a tatt on my foot 2 years ago. It still hasn't healed, it's swollen and very itchy. It also scabs a lot. I have seen several different doctors and got several different treatments for it. Nothing is working. Any one have any ideas?

I got a tat 3 nights ago and its very swollen like very and has like red little dots like bruising my tat is on my forearm the bottom near my wrist is fine but up my arm is where its worse and its really hot too I've been using vaseline is that bad and it hurts to I got a tat last Sunday on my lower claf it red around it and sticky on the tattoo clear with some red ooz is coming out of it it still hurts a little to touch.

Need help asap. I got my first tattoo 6 days ago and it says Faith on the top of my foot.. It is a little red around the tat but the pain is what im worried about.. It is very bad when i first stand up or start walking and gets better after pressure is on it until i lift my leg up or something.. What does this mean????? Little red bumps around your new tattoo usually mean you are using a cream too heavy for your skin which is clogging the hair follicles, or your applying too often.

You have 2 choices, change creams or ignore it. This usually goes away when you stop using that ointment. The skin is open, broken, and fragile. There is no point in introducing new bacteria to an already vulnerable area. And no, it does not matter if your putting Neosporin on it. If your hands are dirty the nastiness will find a way in. Ok guys, here's the deal. I have several tattoos, so many hours of work I can't even tell you how long I've sat.

I'm also in the medical profession. This article is actually very good; however, for all those in doubt, here ya go Clear fluid draining from a new tattoo is normal. It is a combination of white blood cells, plasma, and other body fluids. This happens when there is trauma and open areas to the skin.

It is the body's natural defense system. This is good It also feels sticky. Don't worry about that either. Swelling is also normal. The body produces histamine which causes swelling to injury.

A tattoo is an injury. If the body part which is swelling is overworked it will swell. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation help with selling. If the swelling does not go away Any type of smell is not normal. If you smell any type of odor coming from your tattoo Go to your doctor!!

Pain is normal, pain means don't mess with that area. Pain is also a natural defense mechanism. If the pain is too intense for you or lasts too long And last but certainly not least, if you think something is wrong have it looked at.

Your tattoo artist or your doctor can tell you if something is not right. Always listen to your instincts, they have saved the human race for thousands of years and are usually right one. Always, always, always listen to your instincts!!! You know when something is not right.

I had gotten a new tattoo only four days ago the area is still a little tender to the touch but my main concern is one area that had been done with a different needed that didn't work properly when the tattooist was doing the colouring it looks like is had gone in a little deep into the skin then what it was supposed to have been its around this area that its red and sore.

There is no swelling but I would like to know if it should still heal properly even when I clean daily. I got a tattoo 3 days ago on my ankle it is not swollen but it burns, and it hurts when I walk on that leg. Is that normal? I got my tattoo about 5 days ago and it has been healing well, however there is one tiny spot that is slightly red, but not hot or painful. Is this an infection? Help he does it Monday. I got a tattoo on my foot with a butterfly and stars around it..

My foot is swollen.. Just had tattoo done whilst on holiday ended up in hospital as soon as i got back to the UK, so just a litte warning for people! My tattoo artist told me to continue with lotion till it heal.

Can the same area be retouch or will it be scar? Well i got ma tattoo a week ago and it was all fine i didn't know if getting in a pool was ok either way i got in da pool it faded away and im getting red itchy spots around it is dat normaland should i get it shaded in soon or let it heal completely because part of the heart on ma ankle hasn't really pealed???

It is dry on top,tender to touch yet keeps popping. Is this normal? Or is it a common thing to happen because of the area I've had it done? But the real question I have is , do you think it would of oozed the colour out in which case i would have to get re-done??

This is not my first tattoo. Initial week it swelled, tender, red n itch. The scab on the paws black ink came off 1 weeks ago but the K red ink forms a very thick scab that seem struck. A little peel off n it revealed the pink flesh. What should I do? I get conflicting views I just got my third tattoo and inch above my ankle bone a week ago.

The day after I got it I had a table fall on my leg in that exact spot soo it looked a little bruised. I have been taking care of it just like I did my other tattoos. Its been itching a lot which I know is usually associated with healing but around some of the thicker parts its still a little red. Do yyou think its just cause its soo deep or could I have an infection?

Hey guys and girls, just got my first tattoo 2 days ago, the whole tattoo seems to be fine apart from 1 area of shadin, it's gone from the black and grey that it was to a gree soft gooey area, just wonderin if anyone can shed some light on this. Seriously need help, got tattoo 5 days ago its really swollen blistered and oozing sticky goo, its not remotely scabby its wet all the time. My foots so sore and tender. Help had my 3rd tat done last August one on my wrist and one on my ankle, having loads of trouble now, all healed up great but about 3 months later both tats started to swell and scab over they look like bubbles under the skin very sore and itchy went to the dermatologist, who was no help at all just said I should have them lasered which is a big no no, not sure what to do now, the place i had them done is clean and other tatt was no problem the only thing i can think of is i am on steroids for PMR could this have caused this and how can i fix this I have a tattoo but had a touch up on it and on the bottom below the T-shirt mark I have a few humps under the skin where I have had the touch up do you think it may have been the sun or do you think it infected??????

Ok so I got my tattoo 4 days ago on my back near my neck and in the middle on my spine. I have noticed when I shower I still can't put soap on it without it burning to the point where I want to cry. Also its beens really red around the tattoo and I noticed that its burning severely. Wat should I do? I got a tattoo on my leg about 2 years ago. The tattooist gave me a tubed antibiotic to apply daily. I did all that and still got an infection. Went to see a dermatologist who I believed injected the tattoo area with a painkiller but after a day the pain returned.

I went to see a different dermatologist who after some visits and treatments decided to remove the tattoo in a very unorthodox way. He literally scraped it and left holes. The agony was unbelievable. I chose to visit another dermatologist who was appalled at what his colleague had done but successfully treated the wound.

What I have now cannot be called a tattoo but an imitation the ink is here and there including scarring. However, I'd like to have the same area re-tattooed mainly to cover the scarring. Do you think this is wise? I got a tattoo bout 5 days ago, my first 1 i had it done on the left outside calf bout an inch above the ankle, i had to go to hospital, as my foot and leg blew up like a ballon i was in absoloute agony, i have to go bk to get my blood checked as i had suspected sceptacemia, i still might be admitted to hospital again, arrgghh but the hospital are treating it as a chemical burn, as the red colouring in my tattoo has literally burnt my skin bk to flesh, they don't understand how this could happen, as wen i went bk to tattooist, he has all the lagitamate equipment and using high profile scream ink,he has been checked and cleared, has any1 else had a simlar reaction to me..

I just recently got a tattoo about a week ago. I have been noticing it's getting very itchy and now there are red dots around the top part of it. Im scared it is infected. Anyone have possible help? I got my 4th tattoo last Wednesday on my wrist,it ewas swollen and red for a couple days ,the swelling and redness went away but when my tattooed peeled,there were sores on my tattoo,,is my tattoo infected???? I'm getting a white liquid coming out nothing crazy but is that normal and that spot is the only spot that hurts.

Hi I just got my tatty Saturday and it's been 6 days now I was told to use bio oil and well I think my skin reacting to it my tatty I have little white pimple things all on my arm and it's hella ichy and I have a big cross soo theirs a lot of ink was done on my arm now should I worry or is this normal. I have 9 tattoo's now and I have just had one done on my foot. Despite what I read beforehand about the foot being super painful, I was very surprised that it wasn't that bad!!

This being said I'm finding that it isn't healing as quickly as my other tattoo's but the foot isn't an area of the body that can be rested too easily especially when you have to work! Mine is still red in places and a tiny bit tender but it was only done 5 days ago!

My advice to anyone with a new tattoo is keep it clean, keep it dry, use a good lightweight aftercare lotion on it I find Tattoo Goo Brilliant and try not to rub, itch or pick the tattoo. See, this is why I am deathly afraid of tattoos! This and the feeling of such "permanent" doom! I got my fourth tattoo five days ago and I have been treating it the same as my last tattoos that have healed beautifully. There has been some scabbing on hard lines and hard black, but this has been normal for my tattoos in the past.

The only issue I am having with this piece is that there is one spot in the tattoo that is still a bit painful and when I was washing the tattoo, a tiny bit of the scav flaked of, only to reveal a sticky but clear fluid. I haven't seen this in any of my previous tattoos. Again, i'm using the treatment methods that have worked for me The only difference is that I work in the restaurant business now And I make sure to keep my tat clean there. I really hope it isn't infected And if it is, what can I do and what are the potential damages to the tattoo?

It's an extremely awesome piece and I really don't want it to go wrong. I've started taking antibiotics doxycycline to see if it will help I probably should have gone to the base hospital but I didn't.

Poor arm, and shame on me for being incompetent. As for the swelling you may have an ink allergy. I know that any ink with red pigment in it causes me to swell and have pain till it heals properly.

I usually start taking benedryl before and after any tat I get that has red in it. It helps some but not completely. Hope that's helpful. Emmz6 sound like your artist may have got to close to the bone and caused the line to blow out. It's a common mistake on areas with little flesh like the wrist, foot, fingers.

I know I'm guilty of it. The green-grey shadow may fade some but won't go away. If it bothers you think about some shading around the area. I got my first tattoo two days ago on my foot, very painfull. I can bearly walk on my leg. Is this a normal reaction due to the site? I got a tattoo done from my shoulder to my elbow, on the outside of my arm. It was fine afterwards, and two days later it became red and swollen and my arm is swollen to my wrist.

It doesn't hurt at all and I have antibiotics from the doctor. I hear that having lots of ink on one place can cause the swelling and redness, but its it normal for it to swollen that far down my arm? I was tattooed by an artist two weeks ago on the inner section of my forearm, and developed scar tissue within the tattoo. The artist had trouble setting the ink in; going over the scarred tattoo three to four times before finishing. It's been three days and forearm is swollen and painful when arm is hanging next to the side of my body.

The tattoo is also oozing blood and ink. Is my tattoo infected? Or, is this the result of working over a scarred tattoo? I just got my second tattoo which is a cluster of starfish.

One is not healing well at all. In fact, it has burned with intense pain for over a week. I couldn't even move that area without wanting to scream.

The pain is better but now it has a very large blue scab on it that hasn't gotten better in 3 days. Today I noticed a crack in it and it looks like gooey red in the crack. I didn't know what else to do so I put a little neosporin just in the crack. Should I see a doctor? My other 2 starfish are healing just fine I got a resent tattoo redone and part of it was a cover up of my ex-husbands name. Now it is super sore and a little red around the hearts again and only the red hearts have scabs over them.

I was just wondering if they could be infected? It's also on my shoulder. I just got a tattoo a few days ago and there's just one part that's sort of red I'm thinking I might see a doctor tomorrow and ask but do you think it's infected? I got my tattoo above my left breast on Saturday today is Wednesday.

I'm a little surprised that it is sluffing so much. The last one on my back healed with no problems and very little sluffing.

I'm washing it about every 8 hours with mild soap and using fragrance-free mild lotion. Any ideas?? I just got a tattoo 5 days ago n it is very red and was very swollen its on top of my foot n my whole foot n ankle were swollen. Just keep a close eye on it. You really need to keep it moisturized.

If it continues, definitely go to another artist to have someone else look at it. Hi all, Got another tat just over a week ago. This 1 is on my outside lower claf about an inch above the ankle bone.

Now my ankle and foot are very very swollen, there is significant pain when none of my others hurt like this. I have a full circle ankle tat on the other leg and had zero swelling. It's currently peeling like a sunburn, yet none of my others scabbed or peeled. Same shop, same artist. What do you think is up? Soreness will vary on location and person. I have never had any oozing from a healthy, healing tattoo. Oozing is sometimes associated with healing, but it depends. Redness is the irritation, each person is different as for how long it stays red and tender.

I just got my first tattoo 6 days ago. Had my tattoo since sunday on my lower leg and i can barley walk my ankle n leg is red and swolen my tattoo was oozing yellow and smelt then dried up i showered n now its completley red with blood??? This was very informative for people with new tattoos. Will forward this article to my friend who recently got one on her lower back. Such a nice article! I am very pleased that you took the time to differentiate imitated skin vs. What a great article- very informative.

I have two tattoos and both of mine scabbed over, but looking at some of those pictures made me cringe. I actually put Bag Balm on my tattoos and they healed very quickly- sounds weird, but it's true.

I loved the people I met in the studio but too was very frustrated at the lack of aftercare. I've worked in tattoo studios as a body piercer and body modifier for 6 years, since I was 17 years old. The reason why I decided to leave body modification business is, basically, that people NEVER LISTEN to us, because they think we are exaggerating when we talk about taking good care of your new tattoo, piercing or scarification.

They just get it done, will live their lives normaly, drink, swim, party, wear tight clothes, eat a lot of junk food and, then, if something goes wrong, they'll look for you and blame you for THEIR mistakes. People must have in mind that a tattoo is a new injury, just like any other, but with ink a. Things will happen during healing and that's why we need to take care of our new tattoos just like we take care of stitches after goind under a small surgery, for example.

And it's possible that you can be allergic to the tattoo ink, especially the black. Great article and pictures by the way. Rating and following. Ink does not enter your blood system, it is deposited below the epidermis a layer in your skin. A tattoo can and often does take longer than 2 weeks to completely heal, medical fact. But thanks for taking the time to answer the question, although it is a rhetorical question with the correct answer in the information below the heading.

Good luck with your tattoos in the future. Yes it's perfectly normal because you are permanently putting ink into your blood system. Your body does eventually get used to the ink being in your body. Takes about weeks for it to heal all depending on how much you look after it in the process.

There is always exceptions to the rule and you have been quite lucky to get a tattoo you like, for little cost. Thats not nesscarily true. If I could upload my tattoo I would show you that good tattoo can be cheap. I am an african-american of dark skin complexation with 15 colors in my tattoo.

Its beautiful. I enjoyed reading your article. Sadly before my first tattoo I had little information. I have 2 big ones now. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Updated on February 18, Is This Normal? New tattoos are especially prone to swelling if they are under the arm, on the inner area of the leg, on the side of the neck, or on an extremity e.

That said, any area of the body can experience bruising and swelling. Excess Blood Thinners. Blood thinners, such as alcohol, coffee, and aspirin as well as blood-thinning medications should not be consumed before, during, or after receiving a tattoo because they can cause excessive swelling as the tattoo is healing.

The Tattooing Process Itself. Long sessions and heavy-handed, rough tattooing will naturally result in increased bruising and swelling to the area. To prevent this, you should choose an experienced tattoo artist who will have developed techniques over time to minimise damage to the skin. Skin-Numbing Creams. Skin-numbing creams restrict blood flow where they are applied.

Sometimes, this can result in the nervous system becoming overly sensitive and increasing swelling even further, restricting the body's repairing process. Skin Sensitivity. Buy Now. Premium Tattoo Aftercare Kit Looking after you new tattoo is extremely important to avoid infection and excessive swelling. The package includes: Deep cleansing liquid soap. Aftercare salve. Aftercare lotion. Aftercare cream. As time passes, the area around the tattoo can start to swell as well and the limb or area may be slightly painful to move.

Bruising and swelling should go away after one to four weeks, depending on how much the skin was traumatized and the location of your new tattoo. The multi-coloured wound should then return to its natural flesh tone.

After three to seven days or up to two weeks , your tattoo should have begun to peel and will be very itchy. Scabs may form, but it is important to let them fall off on their own and to avoid scratching your tattoo.

Tips to Minimise Bruising and Swelling 1. Apply a cold compress to the swollen area. Elevate the part of the body with the swollen tattoo. You should attempt to keep the tattoo raised whenever possible for the first 24 hours. Avoid all blood thinners after getting a tattoo, including Aspirin. It is reasonably common for new tattoos to swell considerably under the arm, inner area of the leg, sides of the neck, hands and feet, although any area of the body can and will bruise and swell, due to external factors.

Try to avoid blood thinners before getting a tattoo, as they can cause excessive swelling when healing. Drinking alcohol, coffee and aspirin also blood thinning medications , should not be consumed before, during or after receiving a tattoo.

Long sessions and heavy handed, rough tattooing will naturally increase bruising and swelling to the area. An experienced Tattoo Artist develops techniques over time, to minimise damage and tearing the skin, which in turn reduces swelling and bruising.

Skin numbing creams restricts the flow of blood to the area during use. This can sometimes cause the opposite of the desired result during healing, with the nervous system becoming overly sensitive to the extra blood and fluid flowing into the area thereby swelling even further, restricting the bodies repairing process. Besides keeping away people who get too close, some naturalists believe these foods assist healing because of their anti-microbial elements. Vitamin C is commonly found in citrus fruits and sweet vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and sweet potatoes.

This vitamin is a natural defensive aid in tissue repair and recovery. Steer totally clear of alcohol. Not only is it a blood thinner, but it will also cause you to be less protective and careful with your new tattoo.

Drink plenty of healthy fluids. Water, soups, juices, and herbal teas are particularly good for you. Avoid consuming extra dairy products, white flour, sugar, and processed foods. These are known to slow down recovery time periods. Signs of an Infected Tattoo 1. Your Tattoo Is Hot to the Touch Being hot to the touch is one of the tell-tale signs of an infected tattoo. Your Tattoo Is Oozing or Has a Tear in It A second distinct characteristic of an infection is a break or tear in the skin within the new tattoo, where potentially yellow liquid or pus oozes out.

You're Experiencing Fever, Muscle Aches, or General Weakness These are all signs of a general infection and indicate that you should immediately go to a doctor and seek professional treatment. What's Happened to Your Tattoo? What Should I Do about it?

Your new tattoo doesn't feel right and you're concerned you may have an infection. Learn the symptoms of an infected tattoo and find out how to deal with it.

Find out what, why, and how to deal with scabs on your new tattoo. Practical and tested tattoo aftercare Instructions.

Why do you need to do it, and how effective aftercare is done. I peel after like 2 days. My tattoo artist tells me I have freakish healing abilities. Nice article, I am thinking about getting a tattoo and this was very useful. I was thinking about getting a tattoo but it looks so painful!

Those tattoos look really cool though! Very informative page! FreakFran, I hear you! Some people are very lucky and heal well no matter what Thanks for your comment. Hopefully, this is information that is helpful for others. Good tattoo's aren't cheap, and cheap tattoo's aren't good!

Unfortunately, when it all goes pear shape - there can be some tears shed! Sign In Join. Connect with us. This website uses cookies As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things.

Tattoo aftercare: Swelling after big tattoo? - MidLifeMate

By Ruth Styles. But although the majority of tattoos heal quickly, not everyone gets off so lightly, among them Gemma Hardy, a year-old hearing clinic assistant from Derby. Miss Hardy's ordeal began after she had a bouquet of flowers tattooed onto her foot - the latest in a series of inkings created by her regular tattooist. At first, everything seemed fine but when she woke up the following morning, it was to find her foot had swollen to twice the normal size.

Despite the pain and swelling, Miss Hardy decided not to visit a doctor and assumed that the reaction was caused by the location of the tattoo. But two weeks later, feeling increasingly unwell and with her foot still hugely swollen, friends insisted that she see a doctor. Once at hospital, doctors finally had the chance to examine her swollen foot - and Miss Hardy was left horrified by what they found.

Painful: Gemma calls the offending tattoo 'the tomato' because of its red and angry appearance. She added: 'I t was really, really swollen and infected. They told me that if I'd left it much longer, the infection could have gone to my bone and then I would have looked at losing my foot. The thought of what could have happened left her devastated. I'd got a full time job, I was horse riding, I had a motorbike and I was about to lose all of that because of a tattoo.

Luckily, doctors were able to save her foot but the once-pretty floral tattoo was left looking hideously angry and red. Fix: Gemma has since had the offending tattoo covered with a picture of a Venus Flytrap.

Despite her brush with disaster, Miss Hardy admits that she's still a fan of tattoos and, in a bid to tackle the unpleasant inking, is to have new artwork tattooed over the top.

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Ankle swollen after tattoo

Ankle swollen after tattoo

Ankle swollen after tattoo