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Gw starr construction kansas ok

Gw starr construction kansas ok

Gw starr construction kansas ok

Gw starr construction kansas ok

Gw starr construction kansas ok

Personal Janine Celia Davis Overall L Pct. Herford was another member of the pro-slavery party, and a man named Cook was another. Montana Contracts. Follow to 22nd Street. If he shelved the iansas to silence his political detractors, there would likely be war with Great Britain, which had the potential to Gw starr construction kansas ok the government from the outside.

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Washington, DC Founded

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Washington, DC Founded Colonials Colors Buff and Blue Affiliation Atlantic 10 Home Arena Charles E. Steven Knapp Director of Athletics Jack Kvancz Head Coach Mike Bozeman Record at GW Same Assistant Coaches Washington, DC Fax Live up-to-the-minute stats on GameTracker as well as live video and audio of all GW home games and select road games are available at the official site of GW Athletics.

General Information Media Information Ranked Opponents This guide will be supplemented during the season with news releases, statistics, photos and column material. Media credentials are issued to accredited members of the working media only. Working space at the press table is limited and passes will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

Children and other non-workers are not allowed in the media working area. Requests for credentials should be made to Jesse Hooker, Assistant Director of Athletics Communications at at least 24 hours prior to each game. Media passes will be left at the Control Desk which is located just inside the designated press entrance of Smith Center at the corner of 22nd and G Sts. Photo passes will be issued by the Athletics Communications Office to accredited members of the media only. All requests must be made at least 24 hours prior to each game.

No flash photography is permitted unless approved in advance by a member of the Athletics Communications Office. Press row is located courtside on the north side of the arena opposite the team benches and on the upper level. A limited number of phones are available and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Requests for phone lines should be made well in advance of each game to ensure that all members of the media are accommodated. Wireless internet access is available throughout the arena and on the lower level. An Athletics Communications representative will accommodate any fax or email requests at the conclusion of the game.

The press conference will be held in the Conference Room on the lower level of Smith Center. The GW locker room is closed to the media. All requests for player or coach interviews must be made through Assistant Director of Athletics Communications Jesse Hooker at Please allow at least 24 hours notice for interviews. Game day interviews before games are discouraged. Parking facilities are extremely limited. Bring your parking stub to the Control Desk for validation. All home games and several away games will also be available via video sharing with other A schools.

Now featuring enhanced Microsoft Silverlight, games can be viewed on all internet browsers. If you are experiencing problems, you can send an email to the customer support at: customersupport cbs. Programs, media guides, cumulative statistics, team rosters and game notes will be available prior to the start of each game in the Media Workroom, located on the lower level. Complete team and individual statistics, box scores and play-by-play will be distributed to the media at half-.

Writer: Craig Stouffer Phone: , Cell: cstouffer dcexaminer. Sports Producer: Alex Parker aparker wjla. News Dir. Geho Airport Rd. Geho rcn. Talent: Dave Johnson, djohnson wtop.

The Daily Colonial student online news : www. WTOP Radio Turn left onto 23rd heading north to F Street. Turn right onto F Street, NW. All streets are in the Northwest section of Washington. Bear right and take right exit to Virginia Ave.

Turn left onto Virginia Ave. Take the New York Ave. New York Ave. Follow Pennsylvania Ave. Follow to 22nd Street. Kenneth M. Smith Center arena underwent renovations over the summer as part of a three-phase, multi-million dollar renovation process to be completed prior to the season. Phase III, scheduled to be completed in , will upgrade the building's exterior and interior street-level areas. Architectural concept rendering of the renovated Charles E.

Smith Center, the home of George Washington Basketball. Abraham spent two seasons in the league, one with the Monarchs and another with the Detroit Shock.

Petersburg, Russia National No. Amand les Eaux, France National No. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Charlotte. The Colonials also played in the tournament in and A number of GW players have gone on to represent their countries at national and international events. The District gives student-athletes a number of opportunities to be active in the community. Top: The Charles E. Smith Center underwent a multi-million dollar renovation, highlighted by upgrades to the main arena, during the spring and summer of Abiona, who finished 17th in the A in rebounding and added 5.

She connected on 47 threepointers and also finished third on the team in rebounding 5. A fearless, left-handed slashing guard, Myers averaged 7.

Michael Academy in New York City. Allums played just 10 games last season due to injury, but flashed her potential with a team-leading 12 points in a rout of Coppin State last November. At 6-foot, Nipe will be looked to not only stretch defenses with her range, but also battle in the post.

Wilson was a heralded recruit entering last season, but missed the year while recovering from a knee injury. GW will host 13 games at newly renovated Charles E. Smith Center and face 14 teams that qualified for postseason play last season as part of its schedule.

Key home games include Western Kentucky on Dec. Second-year head coach Mike Bozeman and his staff analyze game film inside Coach Bozeman's office in the Women's Basketball townhouse. As a high school coach, he transformed Bishop McNamara into the No. And in his first season as head coach, Bozeman guided the Colonials to the Postseason WNIT for their 10th consecutive postseason tournament appearance and set a program record for victories by a first-year coach with The eighth head coach in the year history of the program, Bozeman helped GW post a composite record of His Bishop McNamara squad was ranked No.

The Mustangs finished that year with a record and a No. The previous year, Bozeman guided the team to a mark, a No. In his role as director of both organizations he coordinated sponsorships, team recruitment and scheduling, as well as performing administrative duties. Mike becomes the second Bozeman to join the Division I coaching ranks.

His older brother, Todd, currently is the head coach at Morgan State University and led University of California from Bozeman resides in Waldorf, MD, with his wife Wendy and their family. Bozeman poses with his family, clockwise from top middle: Nikki, Mikell. Wendy, Dominique, Sydnee and Taylor. The squad also claimed the Retriever Cup, which is annually presented to the top UMBC athletic program based on GPA, community outreach, athletes supporting athletes and attendance at Sunday lectures.

Rokus played in 98 games and was a two-time team captain during her four-year career at University of South Carolina Aiken from , which included three seasons as a player under Stern. Rokus also was salutatorian of her senior class at St. A two-sport athlete in basketball and soccer, Rokus guided the Cadets to a record in her four years on the basketball court and a No. Former George Washington standout point guard Kristeena Alexander is in her second season as an assistant coach at GW.

Prior to St.

Patients share their stories and get to help on the project, from installing the first door frame in the NICU to leading 'stretch and flex'. Demolishing and rebuilding an NCAA Division 1 football facility in eight months for the football season opener. Get pre-approved now. Protecting the safety and health of our employees, clients and the communities where we work is a fundamental objective of our company. These tools used harmoniously helped to provide the project team with a full, in depth, quality control review. Colorado Springs. Buying and selling explained!

Gw starr construction kansas ok

Gw starr construction kansas ok

Gw starr construction kansas ok

Gw starr construction kansas ok. North America Wind Farms


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The presidency of George Washington began on April 30, , when Washington was inaugurated as the first president of the United States , and ended on March 4, Washington took office after the —89 presidential election , the nation's first quadrennial presidential election, in which he was elected unanimously.

Washington was re-elected unanimously in the presidential election , and chose to retire after two terms. He was succeeded by his vice president, John Adams of the Federalist Party.

Washington had established his preeminence among the new nation's Founding Fathers through his service as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War and as President of the Constitutional Convention. Once the Constitution was approved, it was widely expected that Washington would become the first president of the United States, despite his own desire to retire from public life.

In his first inaugural address , Washington expressed both his reluctance to accept the presidency and his inexperience with the duties of civil administration, but he proved an able leader. Washington presided over the establishment of the new federal government , appointing all of the high-ranking officials in the executive and judicial branches, shaping numerous political practices, and establishing the site of the permanent capital of the United States.

He supported Alexander Hamilton 's economic policies whereby the federal government assumed the debts of the state governments and established the First Bank of the United States , the United States Mint , and the United States Customs Service. Congress passed the Tariff of , the Tariff of , and an excise tax on whiskey to fund the government and, in the case of the tariffs, address the trade imbalance with Britain.

Washington personally led federal soldiers in suppressing the Whiskey Rebellion , which arose in opposition to the administration's taxation policies. In foreign affairs, he assured domestic tranquility and maintained peace with the European powers despite the raging French Revolutionary Wars by issuing the Proclamation of Neutrality. He also secured two important bilateral treaties, the Jay Treaty with Great Britain and the Treaty of San Lorenzo with Spain, both of which fostered trade and helped secure control of the American frontier.

To protect American shipping from Barbary pirates and other threats, he re-established the United States Navy with the Naval Act of Greatly concerned about the growing partisanship within the government and the detrimental impact political parties could have on the fragile unity of the nation, Washington struggled throughout his eight-year presidency to hold rival factions together. He was, and remains, the only U.

President never to be affiliated with a political party. While criticized for furthering the partisanship he sought to avoid by identifying himself with Hamilton, Washington is nonetheless considered by scholars and political historians as one of the greatest presidents in American history , usually ranking in the top three with Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He seemed intent on resuming his retirement and letting others govern the nation with its new frame of government.

Gouverneur Morris urged Washington to accept, writing "[Among the] thirteen horses now about to be coupled together, there are some of every race and character. They will listen to your voice and submit to your control. You therefore must, I say must mount this seat. I should unfeignedly rejoice, in case the Electors, by giving their votes to another person would save me from the dreaded dilemma of being forced to accept or refuse If that may not be—I am, in the next place, earnestly desirous of searching out the truth, and knowing whether there does not exist a probability that the government would be just as happily and effectually carried into execution without my aid.

Less certain was the choice for the vice presidency , which contained little definitive job description in the constitution. The only official role of the vice president was as the president of the United States Senate , a duty unrelated to the executive branch.

The Constitution stipulated that the position would be awarded to the runner-up in the presidential election, or the person with the second highest amount of electoral votes. Each state's presidential electors gathered in their state's capital on February 4, , to cast their votes for the president.

As the election occurred prior to ratification of the Twelfth Amendment , each elector cast two votes for the presidency, though the electors were not allowed to cast both votes for the same person. Each state's votes were sealed and delivered to Congress to be counted. Before the votes were counted, Washington had declared his willingness to serve, and was preparing to leave Mount Vernon for New York City , the nation's capital.

They also certified that Adams, with 34 electoral votes, had been elected as Vice President. The Congress of the Confederation had set March 4, as the date for the beginning of operations of the federal government under the new U. Owing to the formidable difficulties of long-distance travel in 18th century America, Congress was unable to reach a quorum until April.

Adams arrived in New York on April 20, [23] and was inaugurated as vice president on the next day. As judges of the federal courts had not yet been appointed, the presidential oath of office was administered by Chancellor Robert Livingston , the highest judicial officer in the state of New York. John's Lodge No. Alden indicates that Washington added the words "so help me God" to the oath prescribed by the constitution. As the presidential election of approached, Washington, pleased with the progress his administration had made in establishing a strong, stable federal government, [30] hoped to retire rather than seek a second term.

The elections were the first ones in U. Washington was unanimously reelected president, receiving electoral votes one from each elector , and Adams was reelected vice president, receiving 77 votes. The presidential oath of office was administered by Supreme Court associate justice William Cushing.

Washington's inaugural address was just words, the shortest ever. Although his second term began simultaneously with Washington's, John Adams was sworn into office for that term on December 2, , when the Senate reconvened, in the Senate Chamber of Congress Hall.

The vice presidential oath was administered by the president pro tempore of the Senate John Langdon. The new Constitution empowered the president to appoint executive department heads with the consent of the Senate. Washington initially offered the position of Secretary of State to John Jay, who had served as the Secretary of Foreign Affairs since and acted as the interim Secretary of State.

After Jay expressed his preference for a judicial appointment, Washington selected Thomas Jefferson as the first permanent Secretary of State. Washington considered himself to be an expert in both foreign affairs and the Department of War, and as such, according to Forrest McDonald , "he was in practice his own Foreign Secretary and War Secretary.

Hamilton and Jefferson had the greatest impact on cabinet deliberations during Washington's first term. Their deep philosophical differences set them against each other from the outset, and they frequently sparred over economic and foreign policy issues. During his two vice-presidential terms, Adams attended few cabinet meetings, and the President sought his counsel only infrequently.

Nonetheless, the two men, according to Adams biographer, John E. He often participated in debates in the Senate. On at least one occasion, Adams persuaded senators to vote against legislation he opposed, and he frequently lectured the body on procedural and policy matters. He supported Washington's policies by casting 29 tie-breaking votes. His first incursion into the legislative realm occurred shortly after he assumed office, during the Senate debates over titles for the president and executive officers of the new government.

Although the House of Representatives agreed in short order that the president should be addressed simply as George Washington, President of the United States, the Senate debated the issue at some length.

President " would be used. While Adams brought energy and dedication to the presiding officer 's chair, he found the task "not quite adapted to my character. The Constitution granted the president the power to veto legislation, but Washington was reluctant to encroach on legislative affairs, and he only exercised his veto power twice. The bill would have redistributed House seats among the states in a way that Washington considered unconstitutional [69] [70] After attempting but failing to override the veto, Congress soon wrote new legislation, the Apportionment Act of , which Washington signed into law on April Article Three of the Constitution established the judicial branch of the federal government, but left several issues to the discretion of Congress or the president.

Unresolved issues included the size of the Supreme Court , the identity of the first Supreme Court Justices, the number and establishment of federal courts below the Supreme Court, and the relationship between state and federal courts.

The act also created thirteen judicial districts, along with district courts and circuit courts for each district. As the first president, Washington was responsible for appointing the entire Supreme Court. All were quickly confirmed by the Senate, but after Harrison declined the appointment, Washington appointed James Iredell in With no cases on the docket and little pressing business a few procedural matters decided and 26 attorneys and counselors admitted to the federal bar , the term lasted for only eight days.

Rutledge served for six months but resigned after his nomination was rejected by the Senate in December ; Rutledge had alienated several Senators with his criticism of the Jay Treaty. The Judiciary Act also created 13 judicial districts within the 11 states that had then ratified the Constitution, with Massachusetts and Virginia each being divided into two districts.

Both North Carolina and Rhode Island were added as judicial districts in after they ratified the Constitution, as were the subsequent states that Congress admitted to the Union.

The act also established circuit courts and district courts within these districts. The circuit courts were grouped into three geographic circuits to which justices were assigned on a rotating basis. The subject of a permanent capital city had been discussed several times, but the Continental Congress could never agree on a site due to regional loyalties and tensions.

The city made numerous improvements in preparation for the new government, and the old City Hall was remodeled by Pierre L'Enfant to become Federal Hall. Interest in attracting the capital grew as people realized the commercial benefits and prestige that were at stake. Both Pennsylvania sites nearly won congressional approval as the site of the permanent capital, but divisions between Pennsylvania's two senators, along with deft maneuvering by Congressman James Madison, postponed consideration of the topic into At the same time, Hamilton's funding proposal, a plan in which the federal government would assume debts incurred by states in waging the Revolutionary War was failing to garner enough support to pass.

The act transferred the federal capital to Philadelphia for 10 years, while a permanent capital along the Potomac was under construction. Hamilton's debt assumption plan became law with the passage of the Funding Act of The Residence Act authorized the president to select a specific site along the Potomac for the permanent seat of government. It also authorized him to appoint three commissioners to survey and acquire property for the federal city. Washington announced his selection of a site on January 24, , and planning for the new city began afterward.

In September , the commissioners named the nascent city Washington, in the president's honor, and the district Columbia , which was a poetic name for the United States commonly in use at that time. Construction on the White House then called the President's House was begun in Because direct taxes were politically unfeasible, Congress turned to the tariff as the main source of funding.

The tariffs could also protect nascent American manufacturing by increasing the cost of imported goods, many of which came from Britain. Each region sought favorable terms for the duties on various goods.

In July, Congress finally passed the Tariff of , which Washington signed into law. The act created a uniform impost on goods carried by foreign ships, while also establishing a much smaller tax on goods carried by American-owned ships.

To enable the federal government to collect the import duties, Congress also passed the Collection Act of , which established the United States Customs Service and designated ports of entry. Until Congress established the Navy Department in , it served as the nation's only armed force afloat.

Renamed a century later as the Revenue Cutter Service, it and the U. After the passage of the Tariff of , various other plans were considered to address the debt issues during the first session of Congress, but none were able to generate widespread support.

In September , with no resolution in sight and the close of that session drawing near, Congress directed Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton to prepare a report on credit. Hamilton's proposal drew opposition from Madison, who was reluctant to reward the speculators who had bought up many of the promissory notes at a fraction of their value after the Revolutionary War.

Congressional delegations from Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia, which had lower or no debts, and whose citizens would effectively pay a portion of the debt of other states if the federal government assumed it, were disinclined to accept the proposal.

Many in Congress argued that the plan was beyond the constitutional power of the new government. James Madison led the effort to block the provision and prevent the plan from gaining approval.

Gw starr construction kansas ok