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Superman chick

Superman chick

Views Read Edit View history. Jump to Reading. Here, Kitty Superman chick Hercules just used the same gimmick in the last chapter. There are "dad jokes" and there are "gross misrepresentations of comedy. When Superman emerges Spuerman his tunnel, he remembers that he used to have a similar tunnel for use when he lived in Smallville as Superboy…and we know, dude. Northcom Superman chick Analyst Alessandro Juliani The first such story appears Family matters porn star Superman 17 July—August

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Garrick as Louie Quinn. Gina Lynn was the girl in the Superman video. Our Flash-based Mario Brothers games, as well as our browser-based Mario Superman chick games or our Ben 10 games, are all free to play and can be a great way to spend time in a fun way. Start your free trial. Old Policeman. Chick fil a grooms cake! Extra, Extra! Ted White email: superchic2fish comcast. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Clint Ramsey has to leave his job working at Martin Bormann's gas station and flee after his wife is Syperman by psycho cop Harry Sledge, who tries to pin the murder on Clint. Superman chick and stones break her bones. Flasher Norman Bartold The band launched their "Hey! Comedy Drama.

Waking up and looking in the mirror, Lois notices that she is starting to show signs of age, and wonders if there is.

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Post a Comment. Super Secret Super Marriage. Edited By: Mort Weisinger. Cover Price: 10 cents. Publisher: DC Comics. They were always so fucking coy about it. How about that? Explain It! Written By: Robert Bernstein. Art By: Kurt Schaffenberger. This is on her mind later, when, while working as a stewardess aboard a commercial airliner, she spots famous date-rapist hypnotist, the Great Majo! It's fun! You'll see. But you really want to give a blowjob to the Great Majo.

Later, a crook leaps from an alley to rob Clark and Lois, and he feigns running away in fear, but instead slips on a banana peel and knocks the robber out cold.

What a…rotten…development? When Clark arrives, Lucy is out! And Lois plans to make a couple of TV dinners. That means that she wants to get down to fucking, soon. By that time, the TV dinners are thawed, so Lois goes back to plan A. Oh gosh! I guess Clark will just have to let someone be nice to him! You did your level best to ruin this evening, Clark. That's all you can do.

At dinner, Lois is bashing Superman, when Clark spots an imminent ferry crash with his X-ray vision.

Clark excuses himself by telling Lois that her cooking sucks, so he can stop the ferries from colliding. What is this, Bayside High School? Since when to newspaper publishers have dance-offs? She thinks Clark might be leading a double-life. Lois thinks Clark might be…a drug addict! I wonder if that's a fetish? The next day, Lois decides to test her theory that Clark Kent is Superman by storming into his office and firing a Tommy Gun at him! I'm gonna rub you out, Kent, see?

Clark informs Lois, however, that her automatic gun had live rounds—and left bullet holes in the window behind him! Sadly, this was the third shooting at the office that week. When considering she might have killed Clark, Lois faints dead away—but of course this is just another ruse pulled on poor Lois Lane!

Clark explains that he poked those holes in the window at super-speed, to make it appear that the bullets were real. I mean, for crying out loud here. The man is a horrifying menace. Never let 'em see you sweat. Committing attempted manslaughter was apparently enough to snap Lois out of her Superman-hating, which suits Clark just fine. Written By: Otto Binder.

Unsurprisingly, this story by Captain Marvel scribe Otto Binder is a real corker. Lois chuckles at the idea that Clark could ever be the legendary strongman Samson, what with his broad pectorals and thick biceps and clearly rippling abdominal muscles.

Uh, great one guys. There are "dad jokes" and there are "gross misrepresentations of comedy. Finding a cave full of flowers emitting a toxic gas, Lois strolls inside and is overcome! The buds are ready for harvest!

Being that this is a comic book, of course her condition makes Lois travel back in time. The Roman centurions on their horse-drawn chariots is a dead giveaway. Man, these are some flowers! I wonder what they go for, by the gram? Ah, you mistook one for the other on sight because they have similar-sounding names. Perfectly understandable mistake, old chap. No matter, one slave is as good as another. But what do I know?

Maybe this is his cousin. Coincidentally, Samson has hidden a subterranean tunnel that he can uses to enter and exit the palace unseen—just like Superboy did as a lad! When the horse goes wild and puts Lois on a runaway course, Samson saves her by chucking two tree trunks in her path! Which, rightfully, could have killed her!

My aim is off. Later, when Lois is doing laundry at the riverbank, Samson chucks a rock in the water to scare all the crocodiles away.

How like Superman he is, what with an alter ego and a penchant for throwing rocks! Lois heads to the basement to find a dozen disheveled men, kept in squalid conditions, for minor offenses like whistling on a Tuesday. The revolution will not be televised! Because television doesn't exist yet! Just like the Man of Tomorrow, Samson peels back the bars that imprison these poor men, setting them free! Merrio jumps overboard and swims to shore, emerging as Samson, who throws a lasso around the boat to hold it in place.

Tote that barge. Lift that bale. Already keen to snooping around on her friends, Lois notes that Samson is leaving wet footprints, suggesting that he is Merrio, who swam to shore!

Why these things follow one another, I have no idea. Like, no one else is allowed to have wet sandals? Except for two. We were totally gonna kiss, honest! She remembers her trip through time, and how technically she got engaged to Samson, but Perry brushes it off as a fantastical dream.

But it must have happened——Lois lent that guy five bucks! Sober or hallucinating, you're all very stupid! This is how an average story in this series concludes. Clark Superman Kent! Written By: Jerry Siegel. While making the Farina or whatever, Lois reminisces about how she and the object of her obsession got together in the first place: seems one day, Clark proposed to Lois, but she said she was saving herself for Superman.

So he busted his suit off by flexing his muscles, revealing himself as the Man of Steel! That was it? Just get a beeper, man, and stop all this confusion. Why is Perry always dispatching crime reports, and expecting journalists to become detectives? When Superman emerges from his tunnel, he remembers that he used to have a similar tunnel for use when he lived in Smallville as Superboy…and we know, dude.

Hercules just used the same gimmick in the last chapter. She can never know. If only Lois could tell them that she was married to Superman! Carlyle is throwing a…neighborhood dance?

Is that a thing? Though I have to admit, it seems very awkward to me, seeing the two of the genuinely intimate like this. Quit ywr hollerin' an' carryin' on. Get your wife in line! Later, when the door opens, he rushes in at super-speed so no one else sees it, then emerges as a worn and disheveled Clark Kent. None of this makes sense. Why are they keeping printing stock in the office? Why is it in a vault?

Featured Food. Follow IMDb on. It was later posted on Facebook Live. What does it mean to Superman a girl? Superman would definitly win. Pete James Carroll Jordan

Superman chick

Superman chick

Superman chick

Superman chick

Superman chick. Super Chick Sisters Description

. Superman?

This story is reprinted from Adventure Comics Lois Lane joins Lana Lang at a girls' summer camp in hopes of meeting Superboy , which she does. While there, she does her best to interfere in Lana's attempts to uncover Superboy's secret identity. Lois Lane gets a surprise call from her rival Lana Lang asking to see her when she comes to visit Metropolis next.

When Lana pays a visit to Lois she shows her the manuscript for a novel she wrote about a jungle woman and tells Lois that it's been rejected by the first publisher she showed it too on the grounds that it was "too fantastic". Hoping for Lois' professional opinion as a writer, Lana asks her to read it and give her advice.

Lois is genuinely impressed with the story and tells Lana not to give up trying to find another publisher to release the book. Later, Lois Lane is on location in Africa to interview famous explorer Dr.

Albert Schweitzer. As they fly over the African jungle their planes motor dies and Lois is made to bail out right away. She crashes down into the jungle, banging her head and being struck with amnesia. The amnesiac Lois comes across a leopard caught in a leg trap and sets it free, making instant friends with the animal. When they spot a savage with a leopard skin, he sees Lois with the leopard and becomes frightened.

As he flees he drops the leopard pelt which Lois fashions into a dress for herself to wear and takes his spear as a defensive weapon. She then goes about living in the jungle with the leopard pack that she has befriended. When Lois is not heard from, Perry and Clark become worried about her, so Clark goes out to Africa as Superman to search for her.

Finding her with the leopards and thinking they are attacking her, he fights off the pack and shakes Lois until her memory returns. When Superman is about to take her back to the States, she refuses to return home, choosing to continue living in the jungle.

Knowing there are many dangers in the jungle, Superman decides to stay also and protect Lois from danger until she changes her mind. After saving Lois from a rampaging elephant, a pack of gorillas, and a lake filled with alligators, Lois finally decides it's time to go home.

This story is reprinted from Superman Superman arrives at the scene of the Metropolis Science Fair where Lois Lane has fallen off a narrow ledge and suffers a head injury. Rushing her to the hospital, he stays by her side while she mumbles about the dream she is having. The dream is that she really has super powers and that she is a costumed adventurer named Power Girl, who quickly recovers from her injuries and goes into action, helping Superman fix a bridge.

When her dream version of Clark Kent is injured, she gives him a blood transfusion which causes him to gain super-powers as well and she convinces the meek Kent to become her partner, Power-Man. The two have many adventures, and each time Clark, as Power-Man, bungles things up by being too complicated with his rescue plans, or too clumsy. The final screw up happens when he sees danger and makes the mistake of changing in a mirror show room, exposing his identity to everyone looking into the shop from outside.

Lois wakes up shortly after, and later she quips to Clark Kent that he'd make a lousy Superman. Perry White sends Clark Kent and Lois Lane on an undercover assignment to expose corruption within the ranks of the U.

The two investigative reporters join the United States Army and Lois becomes an officer. She begins badgering the troops quoting peculiar regulations that do not even exist. Before long, they succeed in ferreting out a traitor named Major Wharton. Wharton had been recording classified information on microfilm and storing in his footlocker. Lane discovers the film and exposes Wharton's involvement.

The next day, Lois goes skin diving and while exploring a sunken ship is caught in a sea-quake which causes part of the derelict ship to topple on her trapping her underwater. She is soon rescued by Aquaman who takes her to a hospital in Honolulu where a doctor examines her. The doctor tells Aquaman that she's crippled and will never walk again and that only an unorthodox procedure that can save her life.

The doctor preforms the operation and later when Lois awakens from her coma, Aquaman is there to break the news to her: in order to save her life, the doctor had to make her effectively a mermaid. Soon Aquaman begins showing her what life under the sea is like and helps her feel at home and get accustomed to her new life style.

Lois soon becomes depressed however when Superman finally arrives in Hawaii for the celebration. When Superman leaves on some mission, he stops long enough to say hello to Lois, Lois doesn't tell Superman what has happened to her, much to the surprise of Aquaman.

Lois orders Aquaman's octopus Topo to throw the live depth charge into a nearby volcano. When it detonates it attracts the attention of Superman who comes to blow out the flames. Upon his arrival, Aquaman has woken up but Lois has passed out from exhaustion. Aquaman reveals to Superman what has happened to Lois.

Superman takes Lois back to the mainland to try and get the doctors to change her back to normal but none of the doctors have the skill to do so. Superman then uses his super powers in order to read everything available about medicine and performs the surgery himself, which is a success. A Bizarro-Lois is exiled to Earth for unmutual thinking and attempts to kill the ruler of Pahla, thinking that it will get her saved by Superman.

Unfortunately, all it does is make problems for the real Lois, who is on assignment in the country. Lois Lane has a fitful dream wherein she tampers with one of Superman's inventions after he warned her not too and he breaks off their relationship.

Waking up and looking in the mirror, Lois notices that she is starting to show signs of age, and wonders if there is anyway to get rid of her wrinkles. Later that day she and Superman are seeing Professor Lockhard, a man who has invented a machine that can reduce the age of whatever it's exposed too.

His machine succeeds in reducing a full grown chicken down to the age of a chick. Lois decides not to mention anything so that she doesn't get Superman mad at her for disobeying him and thinks nothing will happen. However, much to Lois' surprise she wakes up and finds that her age has regressed further, reducing her age to 16 years.

Lois hopes to trick Superman into using his x-ray vision so that she can be cured without telling him what she has done. She goes to a teen dance that is hosted by Superman and attempts to get Superman to use his x-ray vision to count a jar full of jelly beans, however Superman refrains from using his x-ray vision and instead counts the beans via super-mathematics. Returning to her apartment, Lois finds that her age has regressed further and she is now 12 years of age.

Dressing up as a Tenderfoot to be at another Superman appearance, she asks Superman to help her light a fire. However, the Man of Steel only agrees to do so if she does a good deed for the day. She tries to find the Tenderfoot mascot, a cat, but fails by finding a skunk instead.

Although she failed, Superman agrees to help her anyway, and lights her fire by rubbing two sticks together. There she locks herself in a safe knowing the police will call in Superman to open it.

Sure enough, when Superman does, he finds an infant Lois Lane waiting for him inside. He decides to take the baby to Lana Lang's place while they try and find the baby's mother. Lois is furious at being trapped in a baby's body, and worse that she is under the care of the woman who she is in competition for Superman's affections. After a time, Superman finally lets in that he's know it was Lois all along as the device took her picture, and the line about how only Superman's x-ray vision being the only way to cure her was a hoax to teach her not to be so impulsive.

He explains to her that there is an antidote and delivers one final humiliation: she has to drink it out of a baby bottle. The small town of Hadley boasts their very own adventurer, the noble hero known as Robin Hood — a mysterious man who robs from the rich and gives to the poor. Lois Lane investigates the rumors of this Robin Hood character and travels to the town of Hadley.

While working on the story, Lois meets a man named Mark Benton. Mark Benton bears a strong resemblance to Clark Kent , and Lois finds herself suddenly attracted to him. Like Clark, Mark maintains a duel identity. Lois discovers a domino mask in Mark's pocket and realizes that he is the one perpetuating the Robin Hood rumors.

Mark opens up to Lois and reveals that his real name is Ronald Van Horton. As a soft-hearted millionaire, Ronald uses his vast wealth to finance his Robin Hood crusade. Realizing that he has betrayed Lois' trust in him, he breaks up with her. Lois Lane goes to the town of Wicksville, a restored colonial village that was first established in Sitting in the chair, Lois is surprised when it works. She begins seeing visions of the future where Superman marries a woman.

However, the whole time she watches the woman Superman is supposedly intended to marry has her face obscured from Lois's vision. First she sees their wedding, and then a few years later she sees that they have a pair of super-powered children as well.

Things are further frustrated when she witnesses the super-couple when the woman intended to marry Superman dresses up in a costume that has the initials "L. The vision of the future ends just as Superman shows up, having made up her mind that the woman in the visions was possibly not her, Lois is furious with Superman and slaps him in the face and walks out on him, leaving the Man of Steel to wonder what he did wrong. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Superman chick

Superman chick