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Alexander Gove, 41, co-manager of a Scottish amateur team, butted Brian Leslie during a heated game. Some rival teams were said to even be scared to score against them. The game which landed Gove in court and led to expulsion was on 23 May this year. However, the first-time offender was admonished after the court heard he deeply regretted his actions, the repercussions for his team, and was no longer involved with them. Share this article.

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Working to reduce the effects of contaminants and other stressful impacts on fish wildlife and their habitats and to plan, implement and monitor restoration projects so that fish and wildlife resources can be recovered. Reviews and commenting on State and Federal environmental documents, helping to minimize impacts on fish and wildlife species and their habitats. Data are suitable for direct input to GIS software that can analyze its meaning in the scientific, engineering, or business context for which the data were created. Providing information and assistance to Congressional offices, other agencies, media outlets, and the general public about Service activities. This means that we are worried about the species but it is not in danger of extinction right now.

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Within the context of cuckolding, a bull is a sexually dominant male who becomes involved with people in cuckold relationships. A bull has sex with the women in these relationships while humiliating or cuckolding their male partners. Bulls are typically good looking, confident, and well hung, which helps them satisfy women sexually in ways their loyal husbands cannot. While cuckolds are humiliated by the sexual bond bulls share with their wives, commonly called hotwives, they are also usually aroused by it. Cuckolds may be present when bulls flirt or engage in sexual activity with hotwives.

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THE term ''witch hunt,'' much heard during the past year, is usually resurrected during cultural wars. With all the current hyperbole -- ''witches' brew'' was the term used last week by the White House counsel, Charles F. Ruff, to describe the charges against President Clinton in his impeachment trial -- it might be useful to reflect on the days when a witch hunt was really a hunt for witches. Pope Gregory IX established the Inquisition in to root out witches, heretics and other agents of Satan, who were believed to be spreading rapidly throughout Europe to destroy the clerical and political orders. Thousands were denounced and executed.

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