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Atomfilms sex slave

Atomfilms sex slave

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In an open frontier beyond comics and 'toons, animators are drafting a low-bandwidth declaration of independence.

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In an open frontier beyond comics and 'toons, animators are drafting a low-bandwidth declaration of independence. Suddenly I can use sound and music and can have action. How could I possibly not jump to the bait? Lee is one of thousands staking claim to an endless universe of pixels and helping to shape a new genre.

At one end of the spectrum are works best described as serialized Web animations - they incorporate sound and motion and take their structure from TV cartoons. At the other end are Web comics - creations heavily influenced by newspaper funnies and graphic novels.

Don Asmussen, a cartoonist for Time and George, describes his online series Like, News as "a comic strip that is moving. For the first time, an animation format is up to the challenge of delivering video-quality content fast over a Where eyeballs go, investment dollars invariably follow. Mondo Media www. Wall Street, too, has anointed the market: Lee's Netco www. But the boom isn't all about money. It's a chance for artists to reinvent their art. This month, director Tim Burton is set to launch Stain Boy, a series of five-minute tales based on his graphic novel Oyster Boy.

The series will screen at www. Burton, for one, retains full artistic control over the properties he licenses online. In that time, he launched Web comic Beebeard with two partners and a shoestring budget. AtomFilms picked up the series this spring. Not all artists are making the multimedia leap, however - some argue that Web comics aren't comics at all. See " Infinite Canvas ," page It is a slippery slope - one that thousands are thrilled to ride.

Fatter pipes will open new possibilities. So consider this eclectic collection to be one episode in the ongoing story. A grainy black-and-white intro - complete with the dusty, scratched look and melodramatic voice-over of old newsreels - lends the series a classic TV-'toon feel. A designer and cartoon illustrator living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Beals has a knack for using sound to fill out story lines.

And his deft Flash-imatics can be seen in the series' smooth motion and minimal scene changes. Adapted from a graphic novel, the series has taken on a digital life of its own. The metaphorical tale about a "corporate, technologically fixated future" stands at the cusp of two mediums. Eden mixes still frames and old-school text boxes with sliding panels, partial animation, and a soundtrack.

But the cinematic style of camera pans and dissolves reflects the series' TV roots. He describes glue, his latest episodic series, as "a random, stream-of-consciousness cartoon saga. His clickthrough interface mimics the natural pacing of offline page turning, and Farley doesn't use sound: "Part of the magic of comics," he says, "is letting the readers fill in the details - creating the voices in their imaginations. With a two-week production cycle, the Like, News team is able to editorialize current events - the election of a non-Y2K-compliant Al Gore, for instance - in a way the longer lead times of television and film animation would never allow.

The Japanese illustrator works entirely in Flash, in a process he describes as "making a flip book. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain. Election Rules. Author: Paris Martineau Paris Martineau. Muscling In. Author: Matt Simon Matt Simon. Author: Alex Davies Alex Davies. Author: Jesse Jarnow Jesse Jarnow. Private Eye. Author: Jonathon Keats Jonathon Keats.

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Atomfilms sex slave

Atomfilms sex slave

Atomfilms sex slave

Atomfilms sex slave

Atomfilms sex slave.


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Atomfilms sex slave

Atomfilms sex slave

Atomfilms sex slave