Guys hand up skirt-'A man put his hand up my skirt and I did nothing'

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Guys hand up skirt

Guys hand up skirt

Guys hand up skirt

Guys hand up skirt

Guys hand up skirt

Once with my Guys hand up skirt we were in the movies and there weren't many people at all in the movie. Former investment banker who left her husband and 'cured her illnesses' after a chance meeting with a Shaman Cujo, a friendly St. Eiga Akatsuka Fujio min Comedy uGys. Danny MurphyE.

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Thanks for voting! Video Removed Undo. It's harassment if Anything, and in front of his nephew Guys hand up skirt. But as women, when it comes to casual hnd harassment we do pick our battles. You must be 18 years old or over to enter. My head is spinning. I loved that it was so horny I nearly cum just watching mmmmmmmmmmm. Sounds like a UVA rape fantasy. MakeshiftInsanity Xper 2. Hopefully they'll give you respectable space between you and him at all times and give him lessons on what's socially acceptable to do and personal privacy. Photos views sirt year ago. Hot woman!

Once with my ex we were in the movies and there weren't many people at all in the movie.

  • He's being rude and disrespectful he's not a friend especially if you asked him to stop and he didn't you should if you want tell him you didn't appreciate what he did at all ask why of he doesn't know why stop being his friend cut him off Should've punched him in his temple or kicked him in is private.
  • Jessica Vander Leahy has a powerful message for women.

Leading entrepreneur Diane Foreman has told how a man put his hand up her skirt during a business negotiation. Ms Foreman revealed the incident - which occurred last year - during a speech to a women's group in central Auckland last night. She said it showed that sexual harassment still occurred in business and urged women to have the confidence to stand up for themselves.

But it's not good enough that women should be subjected to that in business, it's so last century," she said. Ms Foreman said she chose not to include the incident in the book because she didn't want to make a big deal of it. But it was a learning experience she wanted to share with a female audience. Similar incidents were far less likely to happen to men in business, she said.

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Just because she wore a skirt doesn't mean she's inviting men to touch her. That by wearing a skirt you are inviting guys to touch you. Submit comment. Chick-fil-a to close thanks to protests from tolerant LGBT groups. If it makes you really uncomfortable, tell him to seriously stop or avoid him. My guy friend stuck his hand up my skirt?

Guys hand up skirt

Guys hand up skirt

Guys hand up skirt. Helpful Girls

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Also cut the asshole out of your life. If your other friend did not appear you would have ended up raped. That is for certain. Talk about it to people around you and make sure he does not approach you again. Horny or not, he is a douche. Stay away from him.

And you should have planted your knee so strongly in his nuts that his voice would be too high for the Vienna Boys Choir! My head is spinning. You chose the absolute worst opinion as the MHO. He told you that wearing a skirt is in invitation to be touched. That is bullshit! He said that guys and girls can't just be friends. By selecting his as the best opinion, you are saying that you believe that you have to let guys touch you or you will be alone. That by wearing a skirt you are inviting guys to touch you.

And that by disrespecting you and sexually assaulting you, the guy was showing he like you. He was showing he wanted to touch your body and that he does not like you enough to respect your wish to not be touched. You have let yourself down by accepting this BS as the best advice for you. That qualifies as sexual assault.

Please tell a trusted adult! A real friend would respect you. Lose this creep! Ask your school counselor. That should alert them as well. Like you said, he's a rapist in the making. He sounds like a crap "friend". Everything you mentioned about him was him being an asshole to you and disrespecting your boundaries.

Thats disrespectful. Stop being his friend since he treat you like that and report him. How do you plan on ever getting with someone if you don't like being touched? Also, if you don't like being touched, and yes, I'm about to go here but, why did you wear a skirt My point is, of course he likes you, guys and girls can't be just friends everyone knows that.

Oh and by the way if you try to say "well guys and girls can be just friends when they're not physically attracted to each other" yeah, no, keep dreaming. Being touched has nothing to do with wearing a skirt. Just because she wore a skirt doesn't mean she's inviting men to touch her. And fours some asshole would bring that up, it's gag, wouldn't be gag without it. Cars are expensive objects, hey make you. Sounds like a rapist in making.

You do realize what he did is called sexual assault and can get in some deep shit if you tell anyone. Better tell him to back off cuz you never know how far he might go next time he is around you. No shit he was horny. If it makes you really uncomfortable, tell him to seriously stop or avoid him. I told him to stop. We weren't even like hanging out. I was sitting by myself and he just came up to me out of nowhere. What the shit, no real man gropes a women without permission, get as far away from the horny prick as soon as you can.

You found out that guys and girls can't be just friends. That's so creepy. It's harassment if Anything, and in front of his nephew too. Have him reported. Sounds like an asshole. Maybe he was showing off for his nephew? I'm a bit of a loner so I was sitting by myself today. My guy friend appeared out of nowhere and threw a basketball at me but he missed.

So anyway he came up to me and we started talking. He was with his nephew. So he knows that I don't like people touching me because it makes me really uncomfortable and so he purposely touches me all the time just to irritate me. So I was wearing a skirt today and so he just walked up and put his hand on my leg.

I asked him to move it. So he said, "why are you so upset? It's not like I did this. Honestly, I just went into fight or flight mode and just started swinging and kicking. So then he just said, "You've got nice legs.

They're smooth. So I asked him to back up because he was literally rubbing his dick on my legs. So instead of backing up, he just started dry humping my legs. He did not stop until my other friends showed up. I'm really confused. He's never ever done anything like this before. Was he just horny?

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Once with my ex we were in the movies and there weren't many people at all in the movie. I was very excited but I didn't wear a skirt, it was jeans but he managed to work with that. I wouldn't however do this type of stuff in front of other people or in very public places cause it's not very public accepted behavior.

Perhaps in the movies again yes in the dark when no one is sitting close again. There's my flirty flip- up-the-skirt move from behind. Then you have the friendly park-bench move, just a little underneath the skirt.

The all-the-way-under-the-panties-while-kissing maneuver. The catch-her-by-surprise thigh fondle, or the panty-pinching variation. In private places, when I am in a relationship, I definitely do it and enjoy it. I might reach under her skirt on the way home or something, but I would not be doing that in public.

I can't think of a time I would ever have considered it to just a friend or crush. The "hand up skirt" thing is reserved for girlfriends and wives.

If a "friend" tried to put his hand up my skirt, he would likely be severely injured, and would for sure no longer be my friend. Yes, girls like making out just like guys do, but we don't like it when a guy that is NOT someone we have already established a romantic relationship with starts trying to feel us up. Not cool in any way. If it is a guy I am interested in having sex with I don't mind and the surprise he is going to find is that I am not wearing panties so his fingers are going straight to the prize!

I tried to agree with the female at the bottom Also a slap on the face? Maybe I am weird I don't know if it is socially acceptable, but if I am with a girl I like, and I feel the feeling may be mutual, I would go for it. I would definitely with someone I was dating. While I don't think its publicly accepted Yes I have with a crush from high school. It is exciting.

The whole point is for something the girl likes. Friends, crushes its for her. Whether panties are found- or not- the reason is for her. Yes, once in 8th grade. I had a crush on her and after class the hallway was crowded and she was wearing a grey skirt.

I was particulary turned on that day and put my hand up her skirt and touched her butt. I still can remember that silky soft feeling. She yelled "hey" loudly enough but I got out before see saw me. If it's a guy I'm attracted to, the sounds comin' from my mouth won't be complaints.

Yeah it's totally exciting and hot when my guy does it in a somewhat private area ie:dark theatre but if a friend or crush did it, without me initiating it they'd get a slap in the face. Oh and also its not accepted public behavior. I would want to but not date do it. It's called attempted sexual assault. Depends what I'm going for. If things are gaining momentum, then yeah for sure - also it's completely fine in a relationship Avoid being seen by public eyes obviously.

A public accepted behavior it is not. Yeah, if it's my guy I want his hand under my skirt for sure. I love skirts and miniskirts, and I usually wear them becouse I feel nice and sexy. But I'm a quite aggressive kind of girl and if a guy puts his hand up my skirt or lifts it up without my permission I'll shout and I'll squeeze his balls. Sexual Health. Guys would you put your hand under a girl skirt? If you are just friend, or just crushes. When you put your hand there do snake all the way to her panties?

Girls would you allow them to have their hands under your skirt? When its there do you feel excited? I kinda find that having a hand under the skirt is so so kinky. Share Facebook. Hand under skirt! Have you done that? Add Opinion. Have An Opinion? Join the discussion. Whoa that is a lot of different variety, Thanks for sharing! Thanks for the question! Best Answer, no doubt? Sort Girls First Guys First. Xper 6. Whoa that was risky! What if she saw you?

If she did see it was me, she never did anything about it. Inside the pants or outside? Me too. Like it. But should be done only to girl friends. When no one is watching. Related myTakes. Show All. Halloween Holidays!!! How this White Queen will be spending it. Elijah Cummings: Loss of a great leader, and civil rights icon. You cannot undo this action.

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Guys hand up skirt

Guys hand up skirt