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You can throw out notions that Ferrari is completely averse to electric cars. The Italian supercar maker has unveiled its first production plug-in hybrid, the SF90 Stradale, and it's a clear attempt to bridge the gap between the gas-powered tradition and the electrified future. The machine mates a 4-liter, horsepower turbo V8 with a trio of electric motors HP effective horsepower that, combined, can take the car to 62MPH in 2. If you like, you can drive just over In practice, however, it's expected to be faster.

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Losing your virginity is a unique experience. It can be hard to know just what to expect. What will it feel like, when should you do it, and how can you stay safe during your first time? The words "virginity" and "sex" mean different things to different people, regardless of whether they have sex with people of the same or different genders. Whatever definition people use, many feel anxious about having sex for the first time.

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You know how guys are in a literal race to take away a girls virginity as soon as possible? I don't know what's up with that. That kind of thing is not that important, and being a virgin isn't worthy of praise in my eyes, at least according to the type of morals I believe in. Though, it is kinda hot. Like, imagine, you've been pure all your life, uninterrupted by your partners, ever.

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Dusk on a Thursday night at the Red Sauce bar and waiters are doing a roaring trade in Sex on the Square cocktails. It was created last week after year-old Peggy Klemm was arrested for having drunken public sex in the square opposite with her 19 years younger toyboy. Colourful dancing is the tamest of the behaviour that goes on. Old and bold: Residents live life to the fullest in the retirement community dubbed 'Disney World for old people'. The pretty blonde scored something of a first at The Villages - a giant Florida retirement complex of , people.

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The pop star looks to set the record straight with a new video showing her slender frame in stark contrast to the unflattering boat pic. Britney Spears is calling out some paparazzi photos that she says have been altered to make her look bigger than she really is, and she set out to prove it in video form. She was standing with her body fully in frame, wearing a pair of low-rise jeans and a midriff-baring top. Her post allows fans to click through to see the unflattering picture she took issue with followed by an animated video of her twirling, apparently to show herself from all angles so we can see that none of them look like the one in the picture. There certainly does appear to be a marked difference to the Spears seen dancing and talking in these live videos and the one seen taking a selfie in the paparazzi image.