Naruto second theme-

The anime, being a TV show that has lasted many seasons, has many opening and ending themes. These themes have been from original Japanese songs, but they have been edited to fit within a 90 second opening sequence by TV Tokyo. They are shown here in order:. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Naruto second theme

Naruto second theme

The season aired from July to January Tobi is confused by Naruto's claim Naruto second theme learning difficult names, which Naruto teases him for. Elsewhere, across the battlefield, the various ninja that Kabuto reanimated are descending back Naruho the afterlife. Voicing his disdain for humans' treatment of them, the Nine Tails recaps his own subjugation under Madara and then Bi metallism issue the Uzumaki Clan from Hashirama's wife Mito to Naruho mother Kushina. Kakashi and Guy were both shock to find the masked man to be their former Naruto second theme Obito Uchiha, who was student Minato alongside Kakashi and Rin Nohara before the events at Kannabi Bridge where he was assumed to have died. Attempting to heal her, Kabuto is shocked that she did not recognize him as he is forced to run Original boggin freaks. One day, White Zetsu arrives with news of Obito's team-mates being in danger, surrounded by Mist ninjas. From there, ignoring Naruto second theme and expressing disappointment towards Obito for deviating from their plan, Madara learns that his intended resurrection through the Samsara of Life was ruined by Nagato using it on the Hidden Leaf ninja. Though Tobi attempts to use Kamui on Naruto to increase the odds in his favor, his plot is foiled by Kakashi Hatake and Guy arriving in the nick of time. Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto.

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Another of Naruto's prominent Naruto second theme is his desire for acknowledgement; his pranks Naruto second theme the village were for people to notice, or at least scold, him. Add a comment. Using shadow clones, one to form the Rasengan while another infuses the Wind chakra, Naruto could complete difficult task of Naruho his producing a Rasengan that is the pinnacle of shape and nature transformation, something no one before him could accomplish, including Kakashi and his father. While Kisame overpowers Bee in his Jinchuriki state before returning to his usual form, he is about to slice Bee's legs off when Samehada intervenes, as it became become fond enough Bee's chakra teme heal the Jinchuriki against its user's wishes. Sasuke stays his hand as Sakura claims to have abandoned the Leaf Village to be by his side. Inside his mind, Naruto fought his dark self, but New pool tables essex that they were evenly matched. Ino enters Sai's mind to completely break Gengo's hold on him and warns them about Gengi's trap to convert Shikamaru. Team 7 comes to his aid and Orochimaru, recognising them, taunts Naruto about Sasuke. Their parents tell Sasuke Naruto second theme will be leaving the next day, but Sasuke decides to Naruto second theme home with Itachi, who spends their time alone training with Sasuke. Another shark, meanwhile, is able to escape with Kisame's intel. June 24,

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  • The episodes for the twenty-first and final season of the anime series Naruto: Shippuden are based on Part II of Masashi Kishimoto 's manga series.
  • The ultimate theme for the series featuring amazing artwork of over 30 ninjas from the Naruto world.
  • Every vital character from Shippuden such as Naruto in his Sage mode , Sasuke with his modified sharingan, Sakura, Itachi and the rest of Akatsuki and several other characters from Shippuden.

The episodes for the fifteenth season of the anime series Naruto: Shippuden are based on Part II for Masashi Kishimoto 's manga series. The season focuses the battle between Naruto Uzumaki and Madara Uchiha. The season aired from July to January The season contains five musical themes between two openings and three endings.

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Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Season 15 Cover. List of Naruto: Shippuden episodes. As the White Zetsu Army clones continue to wreak havoc on all the battlefields, the Allied Shinobi Forces struggle to find a way to cope with the situation until Naruto Uzumaki arrives. Eventually Naruto's shadow clones arrive on all the battlefields, and the Alliance slowly retakes the upper-hand on the battlefield.

As reports come into HQ of Naruto's part in turning the tides of the war back in their favor, Tsunade smugly gestures to A who solemnly dismisses her. Believing their enemy to have finally entered the fray, Gaara's revelation that Madara is a reanimated ninja causes confusion as Temari reveals the masked man who called himself Madara is seen elsewhere with a personal army of reanimated Jinchuriki.

With that, learning of the changes that occurred after his death, Madara pushes forward and takes down a large portion of the Fourth Division with his Susanoo. However, when Gaara, Onoki and Naruto attempt to take him down, Madara reveals himself to have the Rinnegan as it confirmed Kabuto's hypothesis that Madara actually died sometime after the events that created the Valley of the End.

Madara then wipes out a fraction of the Fourth Division with his Shattered Heaven attack despite Onoki stopping one of the two summoned meteorites, attempting to summon the Nine-Tails before learning that the tailed beast is sealed within Naruto. Despite the high probability of being killed by the Jutsu, Tsunade decides to take the gamble using her Reverse Seal: Release.

Though Naruto wants to help, Tsunade tells the boy that they will deal with Madara while he goes after the "other Madara". As the clone disperses, the Kage leave him one word: "win".

Acquiring the knowledge from a clone fighting the real Madara, Naruto comes face to face with Tobi and attempts to headbutt the mask. As the masked man readies his reincarnated Jinchuriki, Naruto recognises one of the jutsu. In a fantasy world, Naruto meets with a reincarnated Utakata, who reveals what became of him after he left Tsuchigumo village.

When Naruto mentions the real Madara, proclaiming his true identity is pointless as only the Project Tsuki no Mi matters to him, Tobi explains the world is worthless and that both Naruto and Bee should understand the misery it holds better than anyone else. However, Naruto admits his life with a Tailed Beast inside him isn't that bad while calling Tobi a liar and vowing to unmask him. As each of the reanimated Jinchuriki grows a tail, Tobi declares he will capture Naruto and Bee to fulfill his plan.

After he and Naruto learn that the captive Tailed Beasts have been resealed into their Jinchuriki, Killer Bee makes the first move by attacking Fu but he and Naruto learn the reanimated Jinchuriki are able to use the coordination of the Rinnegan's Six Paths of Pain in conjunction with the Sharingan's increased reaction time. As Naruto attempts to destroy the Chakra receivers, Bee transforms into Gyuki to level the forest while knocking down the other Jinchuriki.

But the reanimated Jinchuriki strike back with Han transforming into the Five-Tails while the others attack Naruto. Though Tobi attempts to use Kamui on Naruto to increase the odds in his favor, his plot is foiled by Kakashi Hatake and Guy arriving in the nick of time. Back at the battlefield, as Kakashi and Guy learn that Tobi is using a large amount of chakra to assert full control over the Tailed Beasts, they hear the voice of the Five Tails as Tobi subjugates the creature.

Voicing his disdain for humans' treatment of them, the Nine Tails recaps his own subjugation under Madara and then by the Uzumaki Clan from Hashirama's wife Mito to Naruto's mother Kushina. After Roshi fully transforms into the Four Tails, he swallows Naruto.

After a brief discussion about the humans' treatment of the Tailed Beasts, during which Naruto learns the Nine-Tailed Fox's true name is Kurama, Son sees Naruto to be an exception. Wanting to know if Naruto's desire to aid him and the other Tailed Beasts would not waver, Son asks the youth to free him from his chains. Before revealing the method by which to stop him, Son verbally states his distrust of Naruto especially after Jinchuriki have mistreated him in the past.

As Kurama listens to their dialogue, he relates to Son's distrust since he was also simply used and sealed by many ninja in the past.

Losing himself in thought, Kurama recalls how he sought to weaken Minato's Eight-Trigram seal and hence free himself by influencing Naruto with his own chakra on many occasions. Eventually after experiencing many trials and battles, Naruto frees himself from his own hatred with Killer Bee's help and successfully takes control of the Nine-Tails chakra, leaving Kurama to ponder just what type of person Naruto actually is.

Elsewhere, Tobi realizes that Naruto is inside the Four-Tails and tries to absorb them both. Inside his subconscious, Son reveals to Naruto that the chakra rod is stuck at the base of his neck while in Tailed-Beast form and Naruto locates and starts pulling it out, with resistance from Tobi. Silently observing all that transpires, Kurama recalls Naruto's past achievements by his willingness to never give up and accepts that if Naruto truly wishes to help the Tailed-Beasts from the bottom of his heart, then as he always has, his actions would speak far louder than his words.

Finally, Naruto uses a clone in Sage Mode he left inside Son's body to find the exact spot the rod is located in relation to its position outside and uses Frog Strike to successfully push the rod out of the Four-Tails. Though he succeeds in freeing Son Goku from Tobi's control, receiving a gift from the Four Tails for his compassion, Naruto is upset upon learning the Tailed Beast is still bound to the Gedo Statue.

Though annoyed of being thanked for helping Naruto during his encounter with Madara, Kurama suggests melding their chakra together. Declaring Kurama as a friend as he removes the seal, causing their chakra to meld, Naruto assumes a stronger version of his Nine Tails Chakra Mode.

In his new Tailed Beast Mode, saving Kakashi and Guy, Naruto uses his remaining time in the form to battle the five Tailed Beasts while his clone locates their chakra receivers.

The five Tailed Beasts make a collaborative Tailed Beast Ball, which Naruto matches with one of his own, sending the attacks into the sky.

He sends clones through Kurama's chakra arms to remove the chakra receivers. Upon touching them, Naruto finds himself in a mental plane, along with Kurama, the other Jinchuriki and their Tailed Beasts.

After the Jinchuriki and the Tailed Beasts give Naruto their names, they reveal the relationship between Roshi and Son to the youth.

Watching his fellow Tailed Beasts each gift Naruto with a bit of their chakra like Son had, Kurama recalls their last moments with the Sage of the Six Paths at the time of their creation long ago. As Naruto removes the chakra receivers, Kurama is assured by the others' agreement with him that Naruto is the one the Sage foretold to show them the way.

Forced to seal the Tailed Beasts back into the Gedo Statue, Tobi tells a reverted Naruto that his victory changes nothing despite the youth insisting that it has after learning a lot of difficult names. Tobi is confused by Naruto's claim of learning difficult names, which Naruto teases him for. Guy and Kakashi discuss now Naruto's progress is making them feel old, though not that old. Tobi begins to sweat, but believes it to be the rain that's starting to fall. Tobi gets a strange feeling from Naruto, and concludes that the war will make everything irrelevant.

Ao relays the events to Shikaku, who wants to use it to raise the army's morale all at once, despite the strain it would cause to communications by Inoichi.

Naruto's friends all rush towards his direction, intent on supporting him. Elsewhere, Sasuke also walks towards the battlefield as a thunderstorm begins. Having escaped from the Mountains' Graveyard, Sasuke wanders through a small deserted town. Meanwhile in the Hidden Leaf, Konohamaru and his team-mates patrol through the village in order to watch out for the enemy when they heard an angry voice of a prisoner from the Leaf's Intelligence Division.

It is revealed to be Karin, who is feigning her mental instability to lessen the guards' attention and begins to plot her escape. Sasuke is confronted by a group of White Zetsu, incinerating the rest with his Susano'o and then learning of the war from one he spared to interrogate with his Sharingan. Elsewhere, Itachi is on the move. Tsunade remembers the jutsu being her grandfather's and as the jutsu released its pollen, she instructs the Kage not to inhale.

Kabuto muses on how people thought no other shinobi is as powerful as Hashirama Senju, just like how people consider the powers of the Sage of the Six Paths a myth.

While the Kage are distracted, Madara unleashes his Susanoo, causing them to fall through the trees. Madara proceeds to set the forest ablaze and not long after, the five Kage became unconscious.

Meanwhile, Itachi continues his search for Kabuto, as Sasuke detects the latter. Sasuke follows him but his brother refused to talk to him.

With no choice, Sasuke attempts to catch Itachi with his Susanoo, only for Itachi to counter with his own. The two begin to have a conversation. Meanwhile at the battlefield, Madara decides to take out Tsunade first after realising she was a Senju and also deemed her a weak woman, pathetic compared to the likes of her grandfather. Madara questioned Tsunade if the Will of Fire is enough to take him down.

Tsunade states the three rules of a medical-nin as she releases her seal. She then reveals a fourth rule — that only a medical-nin who has mastered the One Hundred Healings Jutsu are allowed to break the three rules.

The other Kage are stunned to hear this while Madara remains unimpressed with Tsunade's abilities. He activates his Susanoo ribcage as Tsunade attacked him, slightly cracking the Susanoo. Madara tries immolating Tsunade but is stopped by Mei, who also attacks.

This theme pack consists of several HD Naruto Shippuden wallpapers acting as a slideshow that changes every 30 mins along with a Windows color scheme change. Despite being a genin, Naruto was selected to succeed Kakashi and become the Seventh Hokage. He left a shadow clone to hold onto them and engaged Kaguya, creating an opening for Sasuke to attack. Using Sasuke's Rinnegan , they were able to reach where Shin took Sakura, only to find Sakura faring fine on her own fighting him. Just before they could kill Naruto and the others, the combined remaining Allied Shinobi Forces arrived to help. When they saw his face, Guy and Kakashi recognised Tobi as their childhood friend, Obito Uchiha , whom they'd long thought dead. He uncovers his Sharingan and wipes out all his attackers effortlessly while Kakashi, Yamato and Naruto depart, tailing Samui's team.

Naruto second theme

Naruto second theme

Naruto second theme

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The anime, being a TV show that has lasted many seasons, has many opening and ending themes. These themes have been from original Japanese songs, but they have been edited to fit within a 90 second opening sequence by TV Tokyo.

They are shown here in order:. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. They are shown here in order: Contents [ show ]. Favorite opening or endings throughout Naruto series.

Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel. Shout Out Your Desires!!! Never Change feat. Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison. Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie. The Last: Naruto the Movie. It's All in the Game. Boruto: Naruto the Movie. Rise, Power!

Naruto second theme

Naruto second theme